First Mass Effect 3 Info Hits The Internet

*Spoiler alert, spoiler alert!*

The first Mass Effect information has been revealed via the latest copy of Game Informer. Those wishing to avoid spoilers, turn back now and go and read about Spyro the angry looking dragon!


ME3 will start with Shepard on trial on earth following the events of Mass Effect 2′s ‘Arrival’ DLC. The hearing doesn’t get very far though, as the Reapers start their attack.

Shepard is also on the hit list of the Cerberus organisation. The Illusive Man is said to play a crucial role in ME3. So far Garrus, Liara and, depending on a choice made in Mass Effect 1, Kaiden or Ashley, have been confirmed as squadmates, with Wrex, Mordin, Legion and Anderson also appearing as NPCs (depending whether they made it through the first two games).

Never played a Mass Effect game before? Firstly, shame on you, and secondly the game will start out with a “Previously on Mass Effect” comic similar to what came with the PS3 version of ME2.

Powers gained will evolve several times, and you will be able to mod your weapons, which are based on ME2’s. BioWare are also saying no to multiplayer.

Source: GAF



  1. Me want, me want!

  2. Miiiirrraaannnndddaaaaaa :(

    • My thoughts too :(

      • and mine, knew I bedded the wrong woman.

      • She was my love interest on my “good ending” save (everyone surviving). I would imagine it will work in a similar way to ME2 with Ashley, where she isnt in it properly but makes a short appearence. Shame.

    • same :(

    • I’m putting my money on her making a surprise reveal (hehe, boobs). Bioware must know every player ‘loved’ her.

      Then again, maybe it’s blind opimism. Strahovski’s awesome, and hearing her real voice in Mass Effect was interesting after seeing her in Chuck so often.

  3. No to multiplayer – brilliant decision.

    • Definately, not every game needs multilayer. Dead Space 2 being another

    • Damn straight. If there was multiplayer I would be very disappointed; all the time spent on developing multiplayer could be used to make a dozen more side missions, or an extra main level, or something else single-playery.

  4. Nearly finished Mass Effect 2 – 3 is a no brainer!

    • ditto, 40hrs in so far. Looking forward to ME3

  5. Interesting. Really pleased Garrus is back, hopefully Tali is too.

    • Agreed, but what if Garrus died? I guess they have it covered, but I do wonder.

      As for Tali, again if she survived, I think she’ll either be a squadmate or fill in for her father as an admiral on the flotilla. Either way, it’s a no-brainer that she’ll feature in Mass Effect 3.

  6. Sounds intersting but the trailer showed shepard on board the Illusive man’s ship. Why is Shepard being tried? And will ME3 use the DA2 conversation wheel? They better focus more on the RPG elements this time and give us back the inventory system.

    • Play the ‘Arrival’ dlc to find out why he’s being tried. The dlc is okay, not as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be. But it’s no Shadow Broker :)

  7. yet to play ME2, oh well by the time I eventually play/finish it, ME3 will be out!

    • Well make sure you have time when you do start, you won’t be able to stop playing ;)

  8. Glad ME is on ps3. Haha

    • I got ME2 on PS3, but then got both games on PC. Best decision. And I’m much more of a console gamer than PC.

  9. Intriguing. Wonder what happens to make Cerberus want Shepard dead. Looking forward to see how the story pans out and what happens to Miranda and Jacob etc.

    • Did you not play ME2? I’ve only completed it as a paragon and that makes it obvious why Cerberus are pissed with him. I’m certain the renegade route has something similar.

      Well, having just finished my last lecture of the year, I got plenty of time to finish up my ME/ME2 female renegade run and find out!

      • The illusive man wasn’t too displeased with my actions :)

  10. and if you haven’t played the arrival?

    strange coincidence this news coming out now, making it look like you need to buy and play arrival to know what’s going on at the beginning of ME3

    call me cynical, but it kind of feels like i’m being blackmailed.

    still, i’m looking forward to 3, and kinda worried after seeing the direction they took with dragon age 2.
    hopefully they’ll take better care of their flagship console title.
    my only dilemma is, the ps3 or 360 version.
    i’d rather have a ps3 version, but i’ve got the first two on 360, and i spent a long tedious time mining so i could upgrade my ship enough and save my whole crew, i don’t want to lose that.
    not to mention all the time i spent romancing liarra in the first game, only for the writers to do a 180 with the character for the second game, turning her into some kind of revenge driven obsessive.

    i know they wanted to keep her alive for the third game, but did they have to totally change her character to do it?

    • one more thing though, what reason are they going to use this time for shepard losing all her, or his, abilities… again.

      • For reasons I’m reluctant to say, Shepard is in hot water over his actions in the Arrival DLC and has to face the music on Earth. They may have a rap sheet on him, and it lists the known powers of shepard and his background.

      • Or her, forgot to mention.

      • If you have both on 360, I’d most definately go with that. I bought both on Steam so I could play through the full trilogy. And I doubt the PS3 version will get anything exclusive.

      • yeah, that’s what i was thinking too, carry my save games over, i put an embarrassingly large number of hours into them. ^_^

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