New Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Is All About The Babes

Old age doesn’t seem to have mellowed Duke, as we have seen him punch, shoot, and pee his way through several trailers. This latest one focuses on a staple of the Duke Nukem games – the ladies.

NSFW (not suitable for work…or wife).

Source: YouTube



  1. It looks like they’ve gone the only way they could with this. Balls to the wall, misogyny and violence with the tongue firmly in the cheek; The Duke Nukem recipe!

    I can’t wait to play this game OR to read the headlines. lol

  2. Ha ha ha – shuld be called:

    Duke Nukem’s: Get Your Rat Out.

    Sorry ha ha ha

  3. Is this a reply to the fox news stories? if so then. . . nice going i have to respect that but i still think its really dam sexist

  4. Please remember to wash your hands after playing…. LOL :)

    • I Had to was my hands after watching the trailer! LOL

  5. Its got so much to live up to but damn I’m looking forward to playing this game lol :)

  6. I’m glad those bits are still in it

  7. Hahah, is anyone gonna even gonna notice if this game turns out shit?

    • And other horribly constructed sentences… :P

    • I’m not expecting anything groundbreaking but it’s not looking too shabby from what i’ve seen. Remember too that Duke Nukem 3D was a pretty decent shooter for it’s time.

  8. Just ordered my copy online :) By the looks of it I get early access to the demo for doing so, so its all good!

  9. If only I was a prepubescent boy again then I would be interested.

    • I was thinking the same. Duke Nuke Em – holding back the industry’s maturity for just a little longer. :-)

    • There are many valid reasons for immaturity and it shouldn’t always be used in a derogatory way:

      Nukem in all his glory is testament to pure tongue-in cheek guilty pleasure.

      • An active attempt to achieve ‘Nukemness’ though could just end up being boring instead of fun :/

  10. classy, real classy. o_O

    you know what i said a few weeks back, about actually looking forward to this game, yeah, not so much anymore.

    and that capture the babe mode?
    still, it could be the first game where the UAE is the one place where somebody doesn’t try to ban it.

    hey randy, it would be randy wouldn’t it, hmm, randy pitchford? maybe he changed it from randy pitchfork to hide his redneck roots.
    hey randy, how about a mode where you get to kick duke in the balls every time he spouts a lame 80s catchphrase, that would be fun right? :)

    • and i’d bet that the poo throwing thing from that april fools video is totally possible in game.

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