Resistance 3 Multiplayer Demo A PS Plus Exclusive

It has been announced over on the EU PS Blog that a multiplayer Resistance 3 demo is on the way, but it is exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

“If you’ve checked out the US Blog, you will see that the R3 multiplayer demo will be accessible to SOCOM: Special Forces (aka SOCOM 4) purchasers in North America.

In PAL, this demo will be opened up to PlayStation Plus subscribers at the exactly the same time – additional info (such as how and when) will be unveiled in due course.”

We’ll keep you updated with any new information.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Come on, loving my PS+ :-D

  2. I’ll wage a few quid upon it then being available to everyone a couple of weeks after PS+ subscribers. Limiting the demo to a much smaller potential customer base would be crazy.

  3. Great news as I won’t be getting SOCOM. I’m thankful I signed up for PS Plus back in December now :)

  4. Brilliant! Give us the date ASAP ;)

  5. Much as I really want to give Resistance 3 a try, I really wish people would start releasing single player demos again. I’m not generally brilliant at online multiplayer, and usually won’t have the time to get onto the demo as soon as its released – so I end up failing miserably, and generally find it incredibly frustrating and in some cases has even swayed me against getting the game.

    Plus, yes there are minor tweaks between different games, but I find multiplayer much the same – I’m much more of a single player guy…

    • Me too they should start making single player demos again cause the multi player ones are always pretty much the same

  6. Wish I could afford PS+ :(

    • what about the 90 day subscription? Its a lot cheaper.

      • I have no money lol

        I can only just afford food….sucks balls being poor

      • And internet apparently, and a PS3. Being poor doesn’t sound so bad, anymore.

      • ha ha, good point.

  7. NO. Madness. I must have this. Time to subscribe to PS+!

  8. Damm, if i had the money, i would subscribe to PS+, but alas i haven’t. Oh well, i can just watch some mutilpayer videos on YouTube and pretend that i’m playing it. It’s cheaper.:P

  9. Bet it’ll be a big download though.

    • Wasn’t the R2 beta around 2 and a half GB? Although there’s no co-op maps this time.

    • so?

  10. Haha.
    At they’re being honest… DEMO, instead of beta. :D

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