NeverDead Gets New Screens

Konami’s supernatural gore-em-up has a trumpeted new trick. You can fight on, even when your protagonist has lost limbs. It’s touted as a third person action game in which a demon slayer is paired up with a mysterious partner by his bosses at the NCDA. That’s the National Counter Demon Agency, which gives you a good read on what this game’s premise will be like.

It looks to be shaping up well and should provide fans of games like Bayonetta and Splatterhouse with another slightly bizarre blast of action horror. Here’s a huge gallery of images to peruse:

Source: Press release



  1. Enemies look nasty… but tis but a scratch.

  2. Never Die, may be the only game I will ever complete without losing a life then.

  3. Pic 12 – Where’s me head?

  4. I think i am interested by this – Sounds a little like Devil May Cry from the description above. as long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it could be a blast!

  5. Looks pretty good from the screens actually. I’m interested.

  6. Doesnt look to bad does it :-)

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