Steam On PS3: It’s A Doddle

We’ve been playing Portal 2 all evening, and whilst we’re saving the review until next week we just thought we’d fire up a quick post to let anyone that’s still confused about the whole Steam thing know that it’s as simple as it possibly can be.

Basically, you can play through the single player game without any bother, using just your PSN account as you would with any other game – you’ll still get Trophies and everything runs as normal. But if you want to go online for some co-op fun, you’ll need a Steam account.


Thankfully, this is done pretty much automatically in-game. If you already have a Steam account you can log in from within Portal 2, and if you don’t, the game will create one for you in the blink of an eye, linking your PSN account with your newly created Steam account.

Once done, you can tap SELECT at any time to bring up the Steam overlay, which shows your Steam friends and lets you do all the cool Steam stuff like chat, view profiles and see your Achievements, alongwith a cute little news portal (pun intended) for all the latest information.

You’ll also earn Steam Achievements as you bag them on PSN, so you’re getting double the goodies for your cash. You’re also given access to the cloud saving offered by Steam, which means you can download your own save on any PS3 and carry on from where you are.

Naturally, such a feature will become more useful once more Steam powered games come to the PS3, but as a first step it’s superbly implemented and a mile away from the way the first Portal was released onto the platform as part of the Orange Box.  Valve are clearly 100% behind the game this time.

Portal 2’s out next Tuesday in the US, and next Friday here in the UK. It’s rather good…



  1. I wonder, does the chat function from Steam come with?

    • Yes, and although it’s not clear whether as yet it seems that you’ll be able to talk to anyone logged into Steam, regardless of whether they are on any PC or PS3.

  2. i asume that as it say cross-platform chat and not cross-platform matchmaking that meas that u’ll only be able to play with other ps3 users but chat with all steam users :(

    • nope, you can play co-op with other players on Pc and Mac.

      What you can’t do is use the copy you get on the Ps3 to play with the same copy registered on the PC/MAC as it is linked to one Steam account as Steam only lets you be signed in on one machine at a time. However this isn’t too bad as the game has split screen.

  3. Just wondering, there’s multiple gamers in my house, what’s going to happen when they’re using their PSN accounts?

    • It links to a single one for co-op. I don’t actually know what would happen if you tried it with another, I’ll check tomorrow.

  4. Steam integration sounds neat, looking forward to reading the review you lucky people.

  5. I am tempted to get it just for the Steam integration, but I think I’ll wait until it’s a game I can actually get my head around.

  6. This is actually such a fantastic feature, once more games are Steam/PS3 interlinked… I guess, this will give Microsoft a run for their money.

  7. Sounds like an awesome setup

  8. Sounds like a really good idea. It’s a shame I can’t afford it, as always :/

  9. Valve really did an amazing job. I’m not a FPS guy, the only game I played in FP has been Mirror’s Edge. Portal 2 really intrigues me, and I’ll surely grab it this summer.. I can’t play it now, I’m waiting for the new MK.

  10. Wowsers, I am liking this **hugs PS3 Slim**

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