Mass Effect 3 Screens Unveiled

Mass Effect 3 is definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2011 and any amount of news or info is cherished by many gamers, including us here at TSA. Unfortunately, the U.S. mag, Game Informer, has held the lock and key to this point, so to speak.

In their most recent issue, Game Informer revealed a slew of new screenshots for Mass Effect 3, and now they’re slowly releasing them on the web, starting with the two shots below. Although there’s only so much you can see with two screens, they claim these images to be “in action” screenshots taken from the Salarian home-world, where Commander Shepard is apparently raising some hell.

Source: Game Informer



  1. Well, screen 1 certainly looks like it’s in-action, screen 2 however does not. And is it just me, or does it look like they’ve gone dead space 2 style with the energy bars on sheppards back? This has to be one of my most anticipated games for a long time after the excellence that was ME2. Bring it on!

    • Those red bars are where the guns go, 3 to be precise.

  2. Still need to finish ME2. I’m near the end, so might do it this weekend.

    • I just got ME2 on Tuesday, man it’s awesome. So far played about 8 hours of it.

  3. I quite like the Dead Space type health on Sheperds back. ^_^
    Graphics look improved too!

    • Yeah, Lets hope they use the same Anti Aliasing technique they used in Dragon Age 2. The PS3 version of DA2 was very smooth. My one and only complaint about mass effect 2 is that its edges were ugly, and made my eyes ache.

    • Its also not a health bar, Its just a light strip, Something many of the suits in ME2 have on them, in varying areas.

      • I agree. The Kestral armour for example was covered in neon. Its just a pretty pattern, most likely.

  4. Haven’t played ME2 yet on the PS3! I really need to pick it up…before November 11th though, as Skyrim will take over my life.

  5. hope this stays on schedule want to play it bad.

    • If it gets cancelled, the year is ruined.

      • I mean put back. If it gets cancelled, I’ll drink chloroform.

      • LOL

  6. ME2 was superb, i might even get a second playthru in before the sequel.
    As to whether that’s an energy bar as others have suggested, a few more pics and we’ll be more certain.

  7. I can’t get over how good these games are, though I’d say 2 is vastly superior particularly in terms of combat and graphics. Hoping to have four full playthroughs of the current games ready to continue as soon as 3 is released, comprising of a mix of sexes, alignments and choices. On my third ME2 playthrough now – played once on PS3, then got both on PC and completed ME1 twice. Currently continuing my ‘bad bitch’ plathrough on ME2 :P

    Mass Effect should be called Kick-Ass Effect! Yeah! See what I did there? Eh? No? Okay then.

  8. Oh shit – just noticed the Cerberus logo on the goons’ armour!

    • I knew those kids where up to no good.

  9. Sporty. Looks to be in excellent shape.

  10. Need to get a move on with me2

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