Adrift To Debut At E3?

The first kitty has sprung from the big sack labelled “E3 surprises” as developers DONTNOD have posted that they will be attending E3 this year. The only game they are known to be working on is the ‘Heavy Rain with hormones’ project, ‘Adrift’.

The game has been in development for three years, although very little is known about the title but as we love you so much there is a recap of the leaked details here. From the scant information we do have, it sounds like one of ‘those’ PlayStation titles – games where Sony take a gamble on something a bit different and usually come up trumps. The evidence:

  1. It’s foreign, in this case French. French games are only slightly less bonkers than a box of soapy frogs. I will happily wager an entire packet of Custard Creams that ‘Adrift’ will not be a Second World War FPS but will involve sex, hats and strange accents. Probably all at the same time.
  2. It’s been kept totally under wraps for three years, no mean feat these days. Heavy Rain was kept from the public for almost the entire development period. Other publishers announce games a year in advance (or in the case of part three of Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Insane’, ten years in advance) so there must be a reason for keeping the game a closely guarded secret.
  3. It’s French. Yes, I know this was 1) but it’s such an important point, I felt it needed making twice. You need convincing? Watch the video here and pay close attention to the location. Usually these type of videos are filmed in the developer offices but this video is filmed in a restaurant with tables laden with wine glasses. Tres Francais!

Could Adrift be this years big E3 surprise? Only six weeks till we find out (probably).




  1. the concept art looks interesting, looks more heavy metal than heavy rain.
    i look forward to seeing some of the actual game.

  2. Sounds quite interesting!

  3. Looking forward to finding out what its all about.

  4. It’s refreshing to not be bombarded with information, screens and plot details about a game (I know, I know, I’m not obliged to read the news pieces but you understand what I mean) and instead, have a little mystery and intrigue surrounding a game. For that reason, I already find myself drawn to this game … and the fact that it’s French. Obviously.

  5. Cool

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