‘Need For Speed: The Run’ Outed

It seems ShopTo has let the cat out of the bag by Tweeting a link to a game called ‘Need for Speed: The Run’. The link was almost instantly removed, but not before I got a glance at the game’s description.

It seems that a dash across country is in order.


A Need for Speed: The Run domain name has also been registered by EA. After Hot Pursuit last year, and Shift 2 this year, is the Need for Speed market becoming overcrowded?

Update: ShopTo has uploaded a teaser trailer for the game here. How very Hollywood!

Thanks to Kinectronic for the domain name heads up



  1. It could be something for the 3DS.

    • Well it was priced at 36 quid, so prob not for handheld!

    • the best nfs game for me was need for speed 2 underground on the old xbox and ps2

      • seconded, after that, nothing has come close, yeah the original most wanted was good but underground 2 and 1 are the best in the series

  2. Blimey you was quick! I clicked just as it was tweeted and it was gone!

  3. Should have said, it was under the Xbox 360 catagory.

  4. NFS in the vein of Cannonball Run? Sign me up.

  5. I would love some more in the vein of Hot Pursuit, but I think I would prefer more Most Wanted style gameplay. I think if they try and take the series in yet another direction I won’t get the game though.

    • In fact Most Wanted with a large dollop of Underground would be the real game to float my boat.

      • Agreed, they were the best of the series in my mind, maybe with a bit of pro street thrown in for its in depth customisation (making own bumbers etc- which had effects on areodynamics).
        The story of these games wasn’t bad either, didnt have a story just for the sake of having one.

  6. Awe., if you can drive in the country with time trials, races and stuff then brilliant, it reads like a Outrun game to me and with great graphics and HOPEFULLY good handling then this might be my first NFS since Shift.

  7. For goodness sake, the NFS franchise is worse than COD :/ Two games every year? Do I hear a wallet filling up?

  8. Well if they release an arcade racer and a sim every year i’m cool with that. Hot pursuit and shift are two very differnt games, despite the name sake.

  9. How many more need for speed’s can they release in a year, i barely finished hot pursuit and then shift 2 came along, now this, we will probably end up with a new trailer for a new need for speed on the release date of this lol

  10. Quite liked the trailer. I agree with Juelz in that an arcade and a sim a year is ok and that they are two totally different games. I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

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