Secret Source “Confirms” Starhawk

Please, for the love of all that is wholesome and good, don’t think that we’re entirely behind this rather vague “confirmation”. This information is coming from a site called SystemLink, which we’re not incredibly familiar with. We know that plenty of you are positively salivating at the notion of a Warhawk sequel though, so here’s the rumour:

According to an anonymous source that SystemLink claims within Sony, the Warhawk sequel is coming, it is called Starhawk and it does have a single player component. Those are all things we’ve at least seen alluded to via other channels.

Further to those rumours, SystemLink claims to be confirming a pre-E3 reveal, with mid-May the current forecast. We’re also told it will be a full Blu-ray release, which sounds familiar so that might have been rumoured previously. They further claim that travel between planets and space is impossible but some maps are planetside and some take place among the stars.

As ever, we advise caution, despite having heard similar rumours elsewhere. SystemLink are less cautious though, stating “as for the source’s reliability, SystemLink can 100% confirm that this information is real and legitimate”.

Brash claims that might just be getting one very loose-lipped Sony employee a quick telling off and some advice to choose his trustees a little more carefully.

Source: SystemLink (tip sent from the author).



  1. Never played Warhawk so might give Starhawk a go.

    • Yes, I can see the logic there :rolleyes:

    • the mother of ps3 games for me(still epic), that & resistance 1.
      treat yourself.

  2. I hope it’s true. I really, really do.

  3. OMG!

    You said ANONYMOUS!

    Wheres your Fawkes mask?

    If this is true, good news!

    • Ahaha :p

      Good stuff about this game, I’m only excited on behalf of other people who really wanted it as I haven’t been much fussed. If a trailer or something is shown I think it’ll perk my interest.

  4. To clarify: TSA knows nothing about any game called Starhawk. We don’t know anything. It was another site. Not us. We havent a clue. About anything called Starhawk.

    Or even Hawks for that matter. Peter knows about Eagles, Kris is well versed in Kittywakes and I am an expert when it comes to the Red Kite. But we dont’ know anything about Hawks.

    Or Stars. We contuinally flummoxed by Prof Brian Cox and Alex wont leave his house at night for fear of the “twinkling demons in the sky”

    Hope that’s clear.

    • Congratulations on your recent population boost, you must be cockahoop ! :-)

  5. Sounds good – played Warhawk obsessively when it first came out. Was a great game.
    Looking forward to the next one, if the rumor is true, I’m satisfied.

    • i have the 1st one but i kindaa joined up to play aittle too late to get into it cod4 was out at the time so i missed out might give new game a go

  6. Well thelast unreliable source was actually right so here’s hoping this one is true too. Sweet!

  7. Well, I hope this is true, certainly a certain twitter feed says he’s itching to tell everyone what he’s working on ;) warhawk was/is a fantastic game for it’s time & still stands up gameplay wise now

  8. :)

  9. Just announce it already! We all know its out there somewhere, we just dont know what it is!
    Best of luck to LightBox.

  10. This is an unrealiable source and so I am cautious but this seems to be along the lines of various other Starhawk rumours. Played Warhawk a great deal and in my prime was farily good but never great. The satisfaction of 1st place across a game was a thrill no online game had ever given me before. This does sound a bit over the top but its true :). I hope “Starhawk” can live up to my expectations.

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