AC: Revelations Will Be Ezio’s Final Chapter

One of the year’s most anticipated games, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, will grace the cover of June’s Game Informer. It has been confirmed that players will switch between the roles of Ezio, Desmond, and Altair, throughout the game, though the game’s narrative has yet to be outlined. The magazine continues:


Uncover a brand new part of the world as Ezio travels abroad for the first time to explore the wonders of Constantinople at the height of the Ottoman Empire. Learn about all the new features that set Revelations apart, from a brand new weapon and tool that changes the way you’ll fight and traverse the world, to extensive details on the newly customizable multiplayer game.

For a series which is thought to have reached its peak in terms of innovation, these new features sound to be counteracting evidence, and along with the recent teasers posted on the official AC Facebook page, this reveal strongly suggests that Revelations will be one of the poster boys of this year’s E3 conference.

Source: Game Informer



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Brotherhood, so a similar game will suit me just fine, I dont think its picking up from where Da Vinci Disappearance left off though, although I hope it does, should be epic

  2. Wait, is he going to die?

    • It doesn’t say, though in my opinion it’s likely. My guess is that he, Altair and Desmond will somehow find a way to communicate with one another and form a cross-era alliance somehow.

      • I just played the first game but isn’t everything that you play just a look back on historic events? It’s a way to find out what happened. There is no possibility to change the outcome of the present. How would “communicating” to someone in the present make any sense?
        I guess I have to play the other AC games to find out, huh?

    • he wont die in game.
      his genetic memory has to be passed on, so if he dies then there’s no way his memories can be passed down to desmond, the most you’ll have is like the bit in assasin’s creed 2 where altair had that encounter, wink wink, with that woman and then the animus focused on the woman as altair left, though how that just conceived baby had any memory of that event i don’t know.

      maybe if ezio has a child and he or she witnesses his death, but you couldn’t be playing ezio when he dies, unless he gets killed mid coitus, as it were.
      and i can’t see them doing that.

      • Auto-erotic asphyxiation gone bad…lol

      • you might be thinking of a very different game there. o_O

      • Surely Ezio must of had a child in order for his DNA Memory to be past on though generations until it reaches Desmond? So maybe Cristina? Or Rosa?

      • from what i know of Ezio, i bet he’s got kids all over italy.

  3. I am guessing a Rico style grappling claw for the new tool/weapon.

    This particular game would have top be a big improvement to entice me into buying.

    I think they need to concentrate on how to use the surroundings in multiple ways as opposed to relying the now boring free running/climbing (which at the time was ground breaking) mechanic

  4. I heard talks about Ezio in another, as well and Altair and I facepalmed.
    Then I read this, i’m sold. Sounds pretty sweet so far.

    E3 is going to be AWESOME

    • I can’t wait for E3 :)

      I thought this’d be the case with being able to go from timeline to timeline, yay me :)

  5. YES!

    I’m sure this’ll be awesome, just as all the other AC-games’ve been. Roll on E3!

  6. Surely, E3 will be awesome!!

  7. im bored of Ezio now, was hoping for just one more with Altair to balance it out and move on to the final(?) assassin.

  8. depressingly, this is really reminding me of the press release that always precedes any new fifa game, like the one this morning, “the big new feature”

    i doubt it will actually be a bad game, but i’m getting tired of all these quickly churned out sequels.
    take the time to make a proper sequel, is that too much to ask these days?

    • The Assassin’s Creed series have been proper sequels. The story is written by history and then they insert their game. They really can’t do much different with the game as it’s sold millions and is a success. The engine is setup and works.

      Once a year is nothing compared to EA and the Need for Speed franchise.

  9. well i was getting sick of these cash cows and just drawing out the story to make money but THATS A FUCKING COOL SETTING!

  10. Assassin’s Creed is a brilliant game in term of storyline and im pleased they are going to continue it, I just hope they don’t dilute the franchise.

    • Think that might be a little late..
      Hopefully not. Was a fan of AC one and two. Didn’t bother picking up brotherhood, as there was no noticeable improvement to the campaign. (graphics wise) That was more of a 2.5 for me, which didn’t appeal to me. Hopefully 3 won’t just be more of the same – that doesn’t sound too bad at first, but it got pretty boring after a while into 2, and playing it all again in a different setting would just be a chore.

    • Releasing a new game every year means there’s a good chance of that. Can’t say we’ve been let down yet though. Having three seperate storylines may make this one pretty confusing though I think. The story will have to be very well thought out.

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