Next Assassin’s Creed: “Slimline Brotherhood-Style Offering”

The upcoming issue of Xbox 360 World magazine (as reported by CVG) has a section with rumours for E3 and the currently-being-teased Assassin’s Creed: Revelations seems to be mentioned.

“A full-blown threequel is in the works, but the next AC is unlikely to be that. If they want it to hit this side of Christmas, this’ll likely be another slimline Brotherhood-style offering,” said the magazine.

Three short teaser videos have been released and fevered fans have decoded them. The numbers that flash up, 24061459, is the date June 24, 1459 which happens to be Ezio’s birthday so it looks likely the sexy Italian will return rather than Altair.

The video also shows Hagia Sofia, a famous landmark in Istanbul, Turkey, so it is assumed the game will take place in that region.

The game logo (above) does not contain the number 3 so that could be an indication it will be a ‘Brotherhood’ style title and not the threequel. Are you ready for another Brotherhood game before Christmas or would you prefer to wait Assassin’s Creed 3?

Game Informer are to officially unveil the title next week, so not long to wait.

Source: CVG / Joystiq



  1. i am ready for any assassin’s creed game so bring it on ubisoft :)

    • more assassins creed? bring it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  2. Wouldn’t really call Brotherhood slimline. It’s massive, and this will no doubt be the same.

    In fact Brotherhood is more like a sequel because it features recurring themes, unlike a new game with new characters and a new setting.

    • That was my first thought as well, AC:B was massive and very well made!

  3. I really enjoyed Brotherhood, but am really wanting a proper 3rd game that focuses on the story they are so obviously drip feeding us to do with Desmond. Don’t get me wrong I like playing when its set all those years ago, bur it just seems like they are trying to milk it a bit. And it doesn’t need to be another yearly release.

    • I agree it seems like milking

    • I reckon as the 3rd game in the series focuses on the end of the world in 2012, thats when it will be releases! Pretty obvious

  4. I do love the Ezio, but how much more can they do with this?

    Assassins Creed 2 was amazing, Brotherhood was more of the same (not complaining) but another semi-sequel game….just want the story to continue, bring on assassins 3

    • the latest one has an eagle and 11.01.1165 flashing on the screen, with the promise of a “new” face. looks like Altair ;)

  5. I loved AC to death and loved ACII equally, but one third into ACB, I just switched off and traded it in. Couldn’t help feel like I was playing a repeat of the two previous installations.
    Maybe I’ll bargain bin and complete ACB at a later point, but until then I won’t be buying any new AC titles.

  6. I thought one of the videos had altairs name scrawled in arabic. And a coin from crete?

    Perhaps a cross over game?

    Where desmond switches between altair and ezio to uncover a related secret?

    • I’ve went and got myself all excited now, if it isnt what ive described im going to be all dissapointed : (

  7. Cool, no rush mind, still playing brotherhood.

  8. I want to see an AC set in China or Japan around the 1600’s; I think that would be awesome. If they remade parts of the far east with the same love they showed Italy it would really be a treat.

    • Did christianity ever come to china? If it didn’t the story writers would have to come up with something amazing.

      • I don’t know about China but it certainly came to Japan, long before western countries established relations with Japan. I think they could craft a pretty good story as I believe when Christianity first appeared the ruling classes basically tried to crush it.

      • Then im in full agreement, that would be cool.

        Still hoping for a renaisance france, and victorian london iteration in the future though.

      • yeah with traders in japan. they ended up banning all forms of the religion from japan after killing the 40’000 or so christains on the islands

  9. Christianity appeared in Japan in the 1500s with the Portuguese. It proved moderately successful before the Togukawa bakufu crushed in the early 17th century as it was an alternate source of authority. It was a cause of the 200 isolation of Japan.

  10. No, stop milking the series for all it’s worth and focus on Number 3 for crying out loud. I like Assassin´s Creed and I have done since the first, before many jumped on the badnwagon with number 2. But my god they are turning this into a cashcow!

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