The Darkness II Gets A Trailer

Following up on the news we gave you yesterday regarding The Darkness II, we have a new trailer to go along with it. It keeps things pretty short and sweet but… say, that voice sure does sound familiar.

Source: YouTube



  1. Forgot how cool this game was. Look forward to it.

  2. I really enjoyed the first one. It lost it’s way a bit in the middle but was overall a great game with original ideas and stylish execution. I can’t see the video at work but I am fairly on board with a sequel at the moment

  3. What a smoking, creeping cool trailer. I cannot wait. Darkness was a fun game with new FPS style and creatures too!
    Roll on October =D

    • yep looks great. hope your doing good Del hope to see you on PSN soon miss are chats.

  4. loved the first game. played the whole thing through with my friend when he got it. can’t wait for this one

  5. I could sworn that i told TSA on twitter about this.
    This looks good but i need more information about this.

  6. Is that drake’s voice? I don’t know, never played Darkness. Can’t wait for my first summer with Lovefilm :) [relevant if this title comes out then :)]

    • I don’t think so, at least it wans’t him in the original Darkness.
      But Mike Patton is returning :)

    • Nolan North does play young Jackie and Nino Moretti in the first game, so I dare say he’s back for the 2nd, Kirk Acevedo played the main role of Jackie Estacado…but I’d say I agree it’s Nolan North in this trailer not Kirk Acevedo (I watch Fringe :))

      wonder if they will have both of them back?

      no listings for D2 yet though.

  7. I posted this on gaming news a month ago :)

  8. Wrong, I posted a Dev Diary:

  9. Class trailer, the first darkness was a great game and story, looking forward to this big time.

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