PSN In Final Stages Of Testing

According to posts on the PlayStation Blogs, the PSN has entered its final testing stages before it can be switched back on. There isn’t any more new information other than the fact that security teams have begun to finish up the checks needed before the system can be declared safe to restore.

We have now entered the PSN’s third week of downtime and, judging by the general tone of comments we’re seeing around the web, eager fans are tiring of the situation. Let’s hope that there are no issues discovered in these closing stages and that this milestone indicates an imminent return for the service.

Source: EU and US blogs. Thanks, matthangzhou and crossface


  1. Slightly meaningless, how long do the “final stages of testing” take. I think they’re just buying more time at this point. Trying to look more proactive.

    • If they stay quiet, everyrbody complains about the lack of information, and if they post an update on their progress, people start to moan that it’s meaningless…

      • At this point I think people will complain up until they announce that it is back online.

        Sony can’t win.

  2. “apt-get upgrade all” I should work for SCE.

  3. Sweet, having this back up on the weekend would be nice. Go Sony, make it happen!

  4. Grrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaattt!

  5. Im just thnkful it is coming back at all.

  6. I had heard that it was going to be switched on today (Friday) and it will be back up and running fully within a month, so hopefully this is correct

  7. I really hope it is up for the weekend, but I think Sony will leave it until later on in the weekend so there is not a massive influx of people trying to sign on at the sametime.

    • To be fair, it won’t really matter when they switch it back on – As soon as news gets out that it is available again, probably somewhere in the region of millions (or tens/hundreds of thousands at least) will more than likely rush to their PS3 with the hope of getting online.

      If they haven’t gotten sick of the wait & switched to Xbox that is…

  8. Over 2 weeks eh, it doesn’t seem that long. Probably because I went with Portal 2 on the PC and the wee black beauty has only be used for iPlayer. I might crack out Warhawk when the onlininess returns.

  9. I hope it is up by tommorrow as i have to teach a certain someone a lesson at pumping.:P I just hope the servers can handle the inital surge of people logging into PSN or we will see it go down again.

  10. Havent really missed it. too busy ploughing hours into ME2. 25 so far.

    • Thats a lot of hours, you crazy man!

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