PSN In Final Stages Of Testing

According to posts on the PlayStation Blogs, the PSN has entered its final testing stages before it can be switched back on. There isn’t any more new information other than the fact that security teams have begun to finish up the checks needed before the system can be declared safe to restore.

We have now entered the PSN’s third week of downtime and, judging by the general tone of comments we’re seeing around the web, eager fans are tiring of the situation. Let’s hope that there are no issues discovered in these closing stages and that this milestone indicates an imminent return for the service.

Source: EU and US blogs. Thanks, matthangzhou and crossface



  1. ColossalBlue bringing the PSN news again. Feel for you!

    • At this time in the morning too. Get some sleep Peter! :P

      • Yeh, no need to be writing news stories at that time of night.

  2. Looks like I might get to try my hand at Portal 2’s co-op this weekend then. *Crosses fingers*

    The sooner the servers are online, the sooner we can all move on. I can’t stress enough how tired I’m getting of all the news coverage the PSN hack is getting at the moment.

    • Tell me about it. Even my credit card company emailed me today about it saying if I use any online Sony products then I should maybe change passwords etc.

  3. :O does this mean i may be “thinking with portals” soon! XD

  4. yay, but what i found funny is that anonymous said it wasn’t them but then sony said this – “We discovered that the intruders had planted a file on one of our Sony Online Entertainment servers named “Anonymous” with the words “We are Legion.””

    • If you read the articles on them you see that there’s the possibility of it being a ploy to distract the attention away from the real culprits. Or anonymous are pooing themselves in regret for leaving that file :p

    • What I find funny is that a group like anonymous actually thinks they can control what they, as a group, do. They’ve said already that they’re made up of countless people from around the globe and that every member may have different opinions on how the Sony situation should be handled.

      So when they came out and said “we didn’t do it” I put very little faith in it. Because truthfully, whatever member said that has no idea if it was a fellow anonymous member or not.

      It’s just funny watching them pretend to be an organized group when in reality, because of the kind of group they are, they can’t possibly be well coordinated.

      • Indeed. I don’t find any of this funny other than what you just said. Whoever did it, group or individual, should get punished hard.

      • @Matt W totally agree.

    • OOOoooooh the plot thickens!
      I hadn’t read that stuff.

      Makes you wonder though, if you were gonna hack one of the biggest entertainment giants in the world and steal personal info on that level, why would you even think about planting anything there at all?

  5. Good news!

  6. Yep, a meaningless update. Posting ‘screw you’ would have had the same effect.

    • Followed up by you with a meaningless comment…

    • Your opinion, my feelings. No need to reply like that.

      • Are you serious? It’s ok for you to call the article meaningless but it’s not ok for someone to call a comment meaningless?

        The irony.

  7. Thank god! Have you guys seen what they’re giving to US accounts?

    • “Our investigation is ongoing, and we are upgrading our security”

      Surely it’s not an upgrade when they had none.

      • I suppose having a combination lock on their server doors counted as security?

      • im sure they used encryption on our details, remember sony are not the bad guys here the hackers are, they’re the ones who have caused us harm

      • You are wrong. Sony already said that your personal information was not encrypted.

      • @ KeRaSh – Sony have said that passwords were not encrypted, but they also said they were not stored in a clear text form. They had protection. It was just lame..

      • @bacon_nuts

        They didn’t have encryption on the passwords, they had hashing. And in the case of passwords hashing is _better_ than encryption (when done right)

  8. Just in time for the weekend hopefully.

  9. lovely my old friend PSN is on the mend.

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