PSN In Final Stages Of Testing

According to posts on the PlayStation Blogs, the PSN has entered its final testing stages before it can be switched back on. There isn’t any more new information other than the fact that security teams have begun to finish up the checks needed before the system can be declared safe to restore.

We have now entered the PSN’s third week of downtime and, judging by the general tone of comments we’re seeing around the web, eager fans are tiring of the situation. Let’s hope that there are no issues discovered in these closing stages and that this milestone indicates an imminent return for the service.

Source: EU and US blogs. Thanks, matthangzhou and crossface


  1. well doen TSA for keeping everyone informed, its a hard subject as everyone is annoyed and bored of it now, but I’m glad its getting finally sorted. I might purchase Portal 2, never played the first one though.

  2. Ive got used to not having it now.

  3. I miss PSN and online friends and most of all I miss the MEETS! =(
    So much to catch up on the meets with Test Drive, Crysis, Battlefield, Split/Second, Motorstorm and Skate 3.
    Still glad TSA are keeping us informed.
    I haven’t purchased Portal 2 and Red River yet, until the online is back on ;)

  4. Having a huge gaming session today and tomorrow, all through the night so I hope PSN will be back online this evening. Probably wishful thinking though

  5. id like to know just how much this security firm is costing Sony. Wont be cheap if it is a 24hour operation for over 2 weeks. :s

    • they actually ended up employing 3 comapanys. Read the lettter they sent to the U.S commitee it states what they doen its a good read.

  6. Another issue to should be looked in to is the fact there only 1 data center location. The problem with this is if natural disaster(earth quacks)/man mad disaster(diggers cut fiber). These things do happen, if something goes seriously wrong at critical point there will be no PSN world wide for some time. I believe it nuts not even to have at least 2 data centers in 1 in each both USA and Europe.

    A lot people have forgot with all problems after 11/09/2001 when WTC came down. A lot of transatlantic data links where damaged.

  7. i hope its on by tomorrow! i want to play double XP on black ops!

  8. fingers crossed .

  9. Hoping it’s up for the weekend!

  10. I hope so too…….I’m getting sick of the wee man asking “Is it back on yet” ?

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