PSN In Final Stages Of Testing

According to posts on the PlayStation Blogs, the PSN has entered its final testing stages before it can be switched back on. There isn’t any more new information other than the fact that security teams have begun to finish up the checks needed before the system can be declared safe to restore.

We have now entered the PSN’s third week of downtime and, judging by the general tone of comments we’re seeing around the web, eager fans are tiring of the situation. Let’s hope that there are no issues discovered in these closing stages and that this milestone indicates an imminent return for the service.

Source: EU and US blogs. Thanks, matthangzhou and crossface



  1. Can’t help thinking they’ve discovered some cleverly hidden backdoors left behind from the intrusion, which has caused the further than anticipated delays.

  2. finally some online play =]
    hope the hackers get what they deserve lol

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