PSN Offline For ‘A Few More Days’

Sony have posted a message on the EU blog which states they still don’t know exactly when the PSN will be back.

I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days.

We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

In other news, scientists at the State of Ingtheobvious University have discovered that an anagram of  ‘The PSN is completely f*cked” is ‘Unchecked files tempt sly op’.


Stay tuned for the TSA for the latest on the PSN crisis, but now over to Carol in the Blue Peter Garden for the weather.*

Source: EU PS Blog

* It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ‘The PSN is still offline, we’re sorry’ in to an interesting story so I thought I would take some tips from BBC Breakfast news.



  1. Is PSN dead?

    • comatose i’d say.

    • I think there all cacking themselves who would want to be the person that says its alright hit the on button. I personnelly would want to check and double check the security otherwise it would be very embarrassing if they are hacked again.

      I hope the mid week downloads are still available for PS+ as I was on hols when all this kicked off.


      • Hell just point me in the direction of the button, I will press it and take the blame if it goes tits up. I am so bored of waiting for this to come back up.

      • Maybe they’e all playing a game of best of 1,000 rock, paper scissors?

      • They could play rock, portal, scissors if they switched PSN back on!

  2. No offence but this is a little late, I knew about this yesterday evening.

    Does anyone know if there is truth in MS offering free XBL to PSN outage “victims”

    • Yeah, me too… But like the article says, how many times can you write that the PSN is still down..
      Sony usually leave it 2-3 days until stating the bleeding obvious.

      • Very true – perhaps if I wasn’t checking the Sony PS Blog every 5 minutes for an update….not that I’m desperate or anything :)

    • What I do know is that soon after the PSN was hacked the price of XBL plummeted on the Xbox marketplace. Very clever Mr Microsoft. So clever I bought 12 months worth with 60% off lol!

      • Indeed, perhaps that’s how they could afford to buy Skype for such a large price, with all the additional XBL purchases?! :)

      • Haha :) Would be interesting to see recent XBL stats and see if there has been a recent jump in people joining. I’ve been on ‘silver’ for the past 2 years but their 60% off deal was too good to pass up.

      • To be fair MS have been doing offers all year for xbox live. Some with huge discounts and on others giving Halo Reach away for free plus a discount.

  3. Scientists find anagrams for absolutely everything. I’m currently studying MACHO’s and WIMP’s which have some sort of connection to Astronomy …

    • MACHOs and WIMPs (no apostrophes needed) are acronyms, not anagrams.
      Oh and WIMPs are better than MACHOs, too…

  4. At least we’ve finally got a day when the EU store update matches it’s US counterpart.

    • hey, that was my joke, i did it last week. o_O

      • Um, great minds think alike? Sorry. Plagiarism unintented :)

      • Do you work for a certain Turkish website by any chance? ;)

      • Hayır? :D

  5. “At LEAST a few more days”?

    So it could be a few days. Or a month?

  6. Few days is more than few day in Sonys world… June then? they mustn’t rush it

  7. Can we have a video of the weather plaese, it’s important to me to have a lovely sunny weather with an excuse to go out rather than PSN =P

  8. A few more days of hammering Red Dead Redemption single player then :)
    Getting back into that has definitely been my silver lining on this PSN outage cloud

    • same here =D

      • ME3 has been my silver lining, but what a lining it is. Gonna go back to Dead Space tomorrow, might stop procrastinating and get my hardcore playthrough going.

  9. The anagram made me laugh. That’s brilliant lol.
    Bad news for PS3 gamers. I can see them stalling until the 31st May at this rate tbh.
    In a way I don’t blame them. You know as well as I do that when the services are back up people will try to hack them again and, given Sony’s name is mud for most people anyway, thats the last thing they need.

  10. I’m starting to get a bit fed up of this now. If they don’t know, then they should say so. This constant “few more days” lie is wearing thin. It reminds me of a local taxi service, who are notorious for claiming “it’s just pulling into your road now”. It never is.

    • Nice analogy there.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Just come out and say it. It’s going to take two weeks and be done with it.

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