New ‘Ridge Racer Unbounded’ Trailer

The Ridge Racer franchise appears to be taking a new turn with ‘Ridge Racer Unbounded’. Quite frankly, the trailer below seems to indicate that the series is pulling in to the draft created by the Burnout franchise. While this is likely to not sit well with fans of the traditional Ridge Racer style, fret not, because just as soon as this video hit the web and core fans of the series started to grumble, Namco Product Manager, Kevin Chadine, came out and clarified what Ridge Racer Unbounded really is.


According to Kevin, this new game is more of a “different branch” of the Ridge Racer series, rather than a complete restyling. We can’t be certain exactly what that means since this is currently the only Ridge Racer game in development that they’ve told us about, but one would guess that the series will return to form, or rather offer a more traditional title at some point down the line.

There, now you core fans can watch the new trailer with your minds at ease rather than grinding your gears over the new direction. We’ve also got a handful of new screens at the bottom of the post.

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  1. You could have told me that was a new Burnout and I’d have believed you. If it plays anything like Burnout, I’ll most likely get this. I also found it funny how the cars just explode on contact, needs tweaking me thinks.

  2. I honestly thought she said ‘We are ball-less’ in the middle of the trailer, it took a good few listens to get ‘lawless’! There goes my hearing tourettes again.

  3. I feel the need to find some dubstep and turn up to 11!

  4. FLAT-OUT!

  5. Umm looks like a Burnout rip-off to me. “Dont try to fix what aint broke” springs to mind. Ridge Racer 3DS is awesome, just bring that to the PS3/360 with full HD graphics and online multiplayer please!!

    • They made a game on the Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 (I think) called Flat-Out, have to wait and see if its a good game.

  6. Nice bass!

  7. Love a bit of RR.

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