Microsoft: Kinect Library To Triple By Year’s End

A quick word has just come out of the Microsoft camp about the success of Kinect this far. In a press release sent out to select members of the media, Microsoft announced that Kinect Sports has moved over 3 million units worldwide, just 500,000 units ahead of Dance Central at 2.5 million.

While Kinect does have a couple of solid titles, a lot of users have been disappointed by the level of post-launch software support. Not many games have come out and those that have aren’t exactly game of the year contenders. Luckily, it seems like a lot more games are on the way. Microsoft had this to say about their outlook for the rest of the year.


“And in anticipation of another record year in 2011, Microsoft announced the size of the Kinect games portfolio will triple by the end of the year.”

Keep your eyes peeled around E3, as it looks like they’ll be announcing a lot of stuff around then.

Source: Game Informer



  1. what its gonna have three games now? (if that the comment Dan :D)

  2. Good plan; Puke shovelware onto the shelves. It has to be said that the good Kinect titles are already the minority (of one, Dance Central, imo). This sounds like it’s bound to be quantity over quality.

  3. The problem with new hardware is that games have a minimum development, obviously there’s a range of launch titles but as always with launch titles they often have a short development time & aren’t as accomplished as the next waves of games when the devs have had more time to get to grips with the tech.

    Will be interesting to see the 2nd wave of games but it will more likely be the 3rd wave of games that really up the ante, because publishers will be waiting for the install base to increase before pumping big development budgets into the hardware and the devs will be even more accomplished.

  4. I wonder when the litte red boat will be used in a game? Kinect will have more then 5 games?(if that is the comment you were looking for Dan,do i get shiny gold star?) I thought Kinect would be supported better but it seems that MS have forgotten about it or just can’t get developers to create games for it.

  5. I can’t wait for the 2nd wave of games. I feel a bit let down by being a day one purchaser of both Move and Kinect.

    • Me too, very let down.
      Although I don’t have a 360 or Kinect so it’s the Move exclusive games, or lack thereof.

    • I must admit, after not having the chance to play move for a while I was both pleased and disappointed with it’s performace, it worked well on games like Time Crisis and whatever the Sport Game for it is called. But in other 3rd party games such as Resistance it wasn’t as accurate as I’d have hoped or liked.

      Kinect actually worked better than I gave it credit for, but it was still laggy and still not something I’m interested in. I’m just a buttons guy!

      • Sold one of my Move controllers and also sold my Kinect with 4 games as like the Wii it started collecting dust :(

      • Yeah I had the same problem with my Wii, had it for about a year, and in that time played on it for a collective period of probably less than a week. I only had Resi 4 and Umbrella Chronicles for it, wasn’t worth me keeping it really!

  6. Microsoft need to ensure they don’t fill their E3 keynote with Kinect stuff. They got ripped for it last year, because while it’s good for Kinect owners, non-adopters were left dry.

    Whatever happens E3 is gonna be awesome!

  7. We desparately need a AAA hardcore title. Less cartoony graphics & family oriented gameplay, and more adult themed game. I was really excited about the prospect of playing a Gears Of War Kinect game (Gears of War Exile???), and something to do with Halo or COD would be most welcome.

  8. Yay 3 times as many crappy dance games. Yay.

  9. I can’t see how Sony can top last years E3 to be honest and they must be deflated after the Attacks on PSN. I hope though that they bounce back. Like others, I’ve bought Move and don’t use it which is a shame.

  10. Question is will people still care about motion gaming by then? Sports/dance games seem a perfect fit but most everything else seems gimmicky and there’s only so many sports games people will buy.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that motion control for the most part is a nice fun extra to have when friends visit but for me it’s a seperate activity to actual day to day gaming and will always be that way.

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