Official Modern Warfare 3 Teaser Released

A lot of information supposedly pertaining to Modern Warfare 3 was leaked yesterday. While it would seem Modern Warfare 3 is a guaranteed thing, we actually haven’t seen anything official… until today. It seems all the leaks have forced the hand of Activision to release the first trailer for Modern Warfare 3. The first of many, if Robert Bowling is to be believed. It was Bowling that revealed the first trailer on his Twitter feed. “Wasn’t planned, but you’re clearly hyped, so here is the 1st of many Modern Warfare 3 videos coming in hot today!”

He also took the time to acknowledge all the rumors and leaks running rampant around the web. “A lot of hype & a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I’d wait for the real reveal.”


The first trailer is below. It doesn’t show much but if there was any doubt in your mind that Modern Warfare 3 was indeed real, you can wipe them away for good.


Apparently there a couple of other trailers as well. Same theme but you’ll notice the obvious difference. **thanks to iAvernus**

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  1. IMO they should 3 discs on sale. The SP, the MP and then for those that want to play both SP & MP. Sell the campaign and MP disc for $60usd, and the individual discs for $35usd each.

    Many people will only buy the MP disc, and in turn buy the DLC as they’ll have the money left over to cover it. I might be talking utter crap, but on some level, I think many people will just want a MP disc. No?

    • I think there are a lot of gamers that would want to only play multiplayer, but Activision isn’t going to make it any cheaper than they have to.

      Plus, creating two different SKU’s for single player and multiplayer would likely add a ton of development cost.

    • I hate that idea, as I do enjoy both, but I couldn’t justify ‘$35’ for the single player purely on the cost per hour.

      At most I can get 16 hours from the single player. That is, doing it twice and collecting intel. That makes it a little $2/hr for the SP.

      The MP has effectively infinite play time, but if MW2 and BlOps are anything to go by it’d be around 7 days for me, which is 200 hours (it’s actually 196 but for the principle 200 will do). That part of the game, at $35 gives an expense of 17c/hr played.

      The combined deal at $60 is better at 28x/hr, but I’d still feel a little conned, and probably find another way to get the SP without paying

      • Football match £30 for 90mins
        Newspaper 50p-£1 for 15mins-1hr
        Pint of beer – £3 for 10mins
        DVD rental £4 for 2 hours

        Pretty much any FPS £40 for 6hr campaign, doubled for 2nd play through on harder difficulty/collectables plus an unknown amount of time on multiplayer… CoD multiplayer is the closest, the majority of people can get to a banker for longevity and has the longest tail of any game.

    • I would be in the both category, it depends on my mood when I switch the thing on, but i’m damn sure I wouldn’t be paying that much for the privileged.

  2. Damn it. I hate to admit this, but I will most likely be standing in line here in Toronto- hopefully the local blockbuster video will still be running by the time this is out. I was in and out in 5 mins when black ops came out. I’m praying it has bot training- I actually enjoy that more than having a screaming 12 year old in my headset.

  3. “Large-scale maps and destructible environments.”
    I think you will agree with me when I say, this is a big & exciting step, in the modernwarfare series.

    “Modern Warfare 3 is said to go head-to-head with Battlefield 3 by having large-scale maps and destructible environments, two of the very features that helped EA establish the Battlefield franchise over the past few years. Kotaku is reporting that “sources who have seen the game in action” believe the threequel raises the bar for the Modern Warfare series.

    Was surprised not mentioned here. I sent the above to, [email protected], wed may 11, 8:40 am

    • I dunno about that. I find it hard to believe that COD’s 5 year old engine can actually support destruction on a scale even close to Battlefield’s. Maps will also not be as big as Battlefield’s, unless Activision decides to let vehicles back into multiplayer.

      • A significant size increase & destructable environment, even if not as big, or as destructive as bf/bfbc, would still a prominent for step the series & for me personally. (i love mw:)

      • a prominent step *for the series

      • DICE’s Frostbite engine is built with destruction in mind, Call Of Duty’s highly polished and customised implementation of iD Tech 3 engine to become the proprietary IW Engine offers frame-rate advantages not found in rivals. I would have thought the large scale & destruction would be less than DICE’s shooter, but it will be interesting to see how IW can implement those features and maintain their frame-rate advantage.

    • We created a piece about the Kotaku rumors before now. This post was strictly about the teaser.

      • I’ve been to site everyday since psn was down (since jul.10) & i’m 100% sure not mentioned here before.

      • I thought as it was such a big thing people should jknow. (larger maps & destructable enviro… that is)
        I did send it via correct channels, but not picked up. Quite often comments slightly break off, from the main topic.

      • Dude, everything that has been shown about MW3 with the exception of these trailers has been nothing but rumors. I can promise you that your tip was received by one of us here at TSA, and for whatever reason, we decided not to report it.

        Believe me, when the official reveal comes and Activision/whatever studios are working on this say that it’s the real deal, I can promise you it will be reported. Until then, you shouldn’t put too much faith in to anything you read about it.

        If you want to discuss it with others and we haven’t said anything about, then the forums are always at your disposal.

      • chap,
        well this, the most potentially game changing rumour of all is NOW posted for all mw fans to see.
        (cant use the forums of this, originally formed for the pstation site, as p.s.browser unsupported atm.)

    • Unless CoD has vehicles then its not really modern warfare, its more like ‘modern squad shooter…’

    • Wasn’t overly bothered about Battlefield so this does not excite me. I just hope that they also include small MP maps too like Shipment, Rust and Nuketown.

  4. Choo choooooooo.

  5. Guys, I found this site that has some good stuff on MW3. NOTHING is confirmed to far, but the pictures on the site, look pretty good to me. A beta screen shot to be seen, and some weapons. Check it out –>

    • Should have mentioned, if you go to the site, *SPOILER ALERT*

  6. I’ll be in line at midnight for this. I’m unashamedly a huge fan.
    I’m already pretty excited about it

    • No reason to be ashamed. The CoD bashing gets a little out of hand from time to time but I think a lot of the haters fail to realize how outnumbered they are by people that love it… or maybe they don’t and that’s why they’re always so vocal.

      Regardless, it’s a great series and you shouldn’t feel bad about liking it.

      • I also really enjoy CoD, loved the SP campaigns ever since [email protected] I gotta say these trailers are actually making me kinda excited :p

  7. Trust them to put us saying “We have erected the barricade”….Wed on’t care, cause we’re not cowards fools!!!! XD Must say, INCREDIBLY hyped for this. My money savings on the oother hand are cowering in fear…

  8. November couldn’t come soon enough! :D

    • Damn right, really looking forward to this.

    • Yeah i no i’m looking forward to Uncharted3,Battlefield 3,Batman Arkham City and Skyrim.

  9. And let the hype train begin…

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