Podcast: Episode 18

Yay, we’re 18 so we can legally drink and vote! In that order, usually. Who would have thought that us three idiots could stick at a podcast long enough to see 18 whole episodes go out to the listening public?

You’ll all be glad to hear that Lewis makes a triumphant return for this show and Dan Lee, TSA’s newsman extraordinaire, makes a special guest appearance in a fruitless effort to raise the class levels.

We talk about Just Cause 2, Hector, Brink and Hydrophobia as well as a movie called Unthinkable. Kris then talks about the movie and game based on Thor and much hilarity ensues.*

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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*hilarity is by no means guaranteed



  1. I started to listen to this last week. I only have listend to the last 2 episodes and they are excellent! I shall listen to this.:D

    • I think you were quite heavily mentioned one week so you really should be listening!

      • I will try to listen to the rest of them. when i have the time. It’s not easy sitting on my butt most of the time!:P

  2. Dan Lee FTW!


  3. Ahhh yes, a long one. This should make these statistics papers much more interesting….although saying that, most things are more interesting than stats.

  4. I haven’t listened to any of these yet but I may start now as they are something to have on in the background whilst revising.

  5. 1hr 50mins?! Blimey. May have to wait on this one then.

    • Don’t blame me.

    • Do blame him. His incessant rambling at the end prevented us from trying to end it in a timely manner

  6. Nearly 2 hours of madness? Excellent! :D

    This will make my Physics much more interesting :D

    • Um, best not. You might end up tearing a hole in reality if their insanity seeps into your workings…

      • I do Quantum Mechanics, insanity slipped into it decades ago.

        And the post show bit was brilliant this week :P

  7. Downloading it now. The first time I’ve done so since the first podcast you guys made.

  8. I don’t always have time to listen to it all but i enjoyed last weeks one!

  9. aw dam i forgot to enter into last weeks compitition! ah well

  10. I think I’ma start listening to these. I used to do my own radio show/podcasty thing for my school with this guy I know but it was never any good. Maybe I can get some ideas from you guys and we can bring back our show.

    • Take no advice from us. Seriously.

    • The only advice we offer is how to avoid the authorities.

      • What are you two talking about? We’re the very paragon of professionalism in podcasts… Everyone should aspire to be more like us.

      • Are you getting this podcast confused with the myxomatosis podcast again?

      • That one was pure brilliance

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