ShopTo Begins MW3 Pre-orders

And so begins the massive hype-train for what will no doubt be one of the most successful games of the year, as ShopTo becomes one of the first UK retailer to start taking Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders.

The release date is down as November 8th, which is the same as what US retailers such as GameStop are listing.


A mass leak of plot details happened over the weekend, which I have yet to peruse because I don’t particularly want the game ruined for me.

Source: ShopTo



  1. *Books week off work* :)

    • Judging by the ridiculous influx of super awesome mega games that month, you’ll need more than a week my friend.

      • Perhaps I’ll resign, then apply for my old job back (with increased salary) one month later!

  2. has started pre-orders too although at a hefty price – £54.99 on PS3 for the standard version!

    • :O

    • Ouch – perhaps they are front loading DLC.

      I love the MW series but even that price I would boycott, I won’t be held to ransome…especially after support stopped/slowed-down after 10 months

    • Say Whaaaaat?!?!?!?

    • Bargain! I’ll take 20!

    • Yep, got the email from Amazon this morning. It says you’ll pay the lowest price between now and release date, I don’t trust it to go down though! :|

  3. As discussed in last weeks podcast, there an awful lot to be gained by being the first to market. ShopTo will gain a lot of orders from this
    I’ll be booking at least a couple of days off work for this one.

    • My advise – book time off 2-3 days after release. With MW2 there were online problems on day 2 I think.

      • I remember that, I had the week off work. Advice is taken on board but I can’t promise you Ill listen to it. I’ll be too excited to not play it LOL!!! ;-)

      • Lol – I share your excitement.

      • Alternatively, dont give a flying piggsy about it and ignore it completely, use your holiday to, like, go on holiday! If you’re really missing Modern Warfare whilst abroad why not shoot some natives.

      • Impossible to ignore, because people who don’t like it can’t wait to talk about it all the time =p

      • Hahaha, class.

      • Tuffcubb – me thinks someone died a few times whilst playing MW2. Sore are we? :)

      • I agree with Tuffcub, go on holiday it would be much better going to Portrush than CoD anyway *cough *cough

      • I cant afford to go abroad TC, I’m getting married next year, so spending a few pounds on a game I enjoy is my escape.

      • And why post if you don’t like it. Another person on the hate-bandwagon. Boring…

  4. Has nobody learned that this game is widely available on launch day for around £25 from actual real physical retailers.

    I’ve picked mine up from Sainsbury’s for the past few years except last year GAME did a deal when bought Blood Stone which I wanted anyway.

    This is one game that is guaranteed to be much dearer from online retailers.

    • Black Ops wasn’t discounted near as much as MW2 so hopefully MW3 will be this time around.

      Best deal for online pre-order I can see so far:

      • Mine was £26.99, so £2 more than in previous years.

        I’ve only kept them for up to 2 weeks anyway (finished the campaign & everyone starts getting much better than me online) and there’s always something else out in Nov where retailers give £33 to £35 for CoD.

        It’s the only release in the gaming calendar that I actually get paid to own.

      • True, I got a free £20 PSN card with mine so it effectively made Black Ops £25 for me :)

      • I picked up BlOps for £28 in Sainsburys and when I got bored with it a couple of months later, I traded it in at £26!
        £2 for two months of play suits me :)

    • agreed, I did the same on the last one. Took it back to another retailer and got back exactly what I paid for it.

    • Yes, but I heard you had to queue like a peasant for ages – I shall wait for mine to arrive via post, in the comfort of my own home.

      • Like a peasant? Haha, I’ll remember next time I’m queueing for anything it’s because I’m a peasant ;) I queued at Tesco Extra for Black Ops with friends and it was quite fun actually. Had a nice midnight drive down to the store.

      • Perhaps a little harsh….but to be fair by the time you’ve drove to the supermarket, possibly paid for parking, bought other stuff (impossible to go to Tesco without purchasing something else), waited for 1/2 hour, then got home – I’d have saved the £15 difference! Plus I can play something else whilst I wait for it to arrive :)

      • You have to pay for parking at your supermarket? I’ve never heard of that.
        To be honest, a 30 minute queue to save me over £15 is worth it, maybe at midnight you are worth more than £30 an hour but I am not.

    • Yeh but in Manchester here MW2 got sold out within hours of release, my friends who didn’t pre order had to wait a few days before the supermarkets got some in stock for around £26.

      I picked up Black Ops on the way to uni from a Tesco Express last year for £45, Black Ops and a £20PSN voucher so it was £25 overall, it was the last one too, hated the game, traded it in a GAME a week later for £25, yes they ripped me off -_-

      I’m preordering from GAME or Play and buying it at the cheapest supermarket, then I’ll return the pre ordered one if I get hold of it cheaper.

  5. the hype train starts, christ almighty help us all. Then when it comes out, the let down train then starts. Happens every time.

    • Choo Choo!

      • Come join the ride Mike, you know you want to…

      • As long as you keep your hands to yourself! ;)

      • I can’t promise anything…sorry.

      • waits for next train:)

      • *goes to pay for ticket* HOW MUCH!? stuff that,i am not payin £55 to get on hype train.bloody rippoff. I need a cup of tea now to calm myselfy down.*storms out of the station*

    • i refuse to get on the train at all! Until the train looks after those who want to travel alone and not in the masses, i wont be getting a ticket!

    • I’m taking the Nordic Express… can’t wait

  6. Just pre-ordered mine…. and MW2 for £5.49 while I was at it LOL

  7. No thanks. Will get it from a supermarket on day one for half the price.

    • Same, Asda hasn’t failed me yet. (touch wood)

  8. I don’t see what the fuss is about, you can pre-order the new NFS,AC and Skyrim all out the same month. Why the uproar with MW3!

    • Agreed. Shopto always have early pre-orders. I have had Metal Gear Solid: Rising on pre-order for ages now and it’s unlikely to be released before MW3.

      Indeed the hype begins, and TSA plays its part in bringing it on!

  9. I seriously wouldn’t ever even think of booking time off work for a game, not that I could anyway as I teach, but time off work is precious for me and I like to spend it doing worthwhile things. Having said that, I appreciate everyone’s different so some people would want time off for a game. Still, cod aint something I’d want that badly anyway.

    • But the only reason to play games at all is for fun, to help you unwind and escape reality for a bit. Using some of my hard earned holiday for that seems pretty worthwhile to me.

    • Mrdusty, I appreciate what you’re saying, like I said I appreciate everyone is different. I too like to play games to unwind, but only here and there, not a whole week of it!

  10. Eh… too close to the lands of the nords

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