Modern Warfare 3 Trailer To Debut Next Week

According to a post on GAF (picked up by VG247) Activision are set to show the first proper trailer for their upcoming first person shooter threequel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 next week.

The trailer will be shown during an NBA playoffs game (just like the first trailers for Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops did) next Monday, the 23rd of May, and will – presumably – be echoed around the internet immediately by the wonders of YouTube.


A teaser for the trailer (where all this information comes from) showing the date for the trailer was shown during an Oklahoma / Dallas basketball game during the advert break.

The game has already been spoiled and teased well before its release and is set to go up against the incredible looking Battlefield 3 later this year.



  1. Ugh another call of duty game? When will this end -.-

    • Don’t like em? Don’t buy em. Simple. Myself, I can’t wait! :)

      • Your basically telling me to stop buying FPS games since their all trying to be the next call of duty…

      • Thats true to an extent. Yes there are a lot of FPS’ which are trying to be COD clones (even Battlefield has said they are going down that route this time) but the likes of Brink, Duke Nukem, Metro, Bioshock, etc certainly arent

      • “don’t buy em”, good advice. ^_^

      • lol, you could be a politician twisting my words like that! :D

    • Until there are kids, it’ll sell millions every year.

      I for one can’t wait as I like Modern Warfare series.

      • What? Better watch out for these COD Killing kids

      • …and the many Call of Duty killing sprees on Youtube, yeah.. oh Elpresador

    • It will never end. Simple

    • When the world ends?

  2. BF3 vs MW3…. Arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!

    • Indeedy….

      • BF3 until there a good COD/MW again im afraid and the BF3 trailer is out of this world and what did cod give us 4 35sec trailers with no gameplay whatso ever….chumps there making millions off our loyalty for a brand and they know this..and exploiting it

      • you’re familiar with the phrase “teaser trailer” right? :P

      • haha

      • Its not a teaser trailer if a gaming site manages to get hold of the whole plot and every bit of info on the game. Now i’ve read the spoilers the game sounds shit.

      • If are referring to IGN you are definately over-doing it when you say they have worked out the whole plot. They’ve outlined some of the countries that are going to be involved, that’s it!


      • I can safely say that my time is doomed in November… no Uncharted.. no er… thats pretty much it, bad timing is evil.. I hate Christmas, I wish was.. I was wish I was a jew! then I could hope Uncharted gets delayed to the beginning of December!

    • Both will be getting my cash, add to that uc3, going to be an awsome end to the year. I’ll be happy with a pair of socks at christmas, or even one sock.

  3. Cool, think its a bit early for gameplay yet which will probably be served up at E3 but you never know.

    *Cue 20+ comments from people who claim to hate CoD but feel compelled to talk about all the freakin’ time*

    • And so it begins…See below for details

    • but some people don’t like that the industry headed in the direction of aping whatever generic title is selling well this year.
      and bringing out virtually the same game year after year is a bubble that is going to burst sooner or later.

      cod seems to have turned into the biggest bandwagon around, it’s like there’s a random cod game generator.
      select title: call/medal/tour/men, of, honour/duty/bravery/brotherhood.
      now select setting: wwii/modern day/near future.
      plotline: nazis/terrorists/aliens/nondescript asian nation attack/invade/are invaded by sas/marines/

      and out the game pops with the standard snow level, a shanty town level and and airfield/airport level.

      include a level revolving around the killing of innocents for coverage on fox news and there you have COD bandwagon hopper number 458346529

      bandwagon officially jumped on. b^_^d

      i just wonder what happens when the wheels fall off that wagon.

      one thing i’ve wondered about though.
      if the games are so good, why do you abandon them as soon as the new, virtually identical, version comes out?

      invest all that money in the game and map packs, then throw it away.

      actually, i think i just realised, that’s why i don’t like these annual identikit releases.
      they’re making disposable games.

      how long before they adopt the razor blade selling model?
      sell the base part of the product and make it reusable, then sell he bits that do what the product is designed for as a disposable pack for a premium.

      actually that’s almost what they are doing with the map packs.

      damn, i’m glad i’m not a fan of cod.

      • I’ve long talked about CoD influence in the gaming world and how other devs/pubs eyeing up the massive pie that CoD has earned itself want a slice of that pie and so try to replicate CoD experiences. See EA for details, whom are quite capable making great games like Dante’s & Dead Space & whilst teams will certainly work on projects like that, they’re spending $100m solely on promoting BF3 in order to take a slice of CoDs pie… imagine how many new & unique projects that could have funded?

        But as for your comment about them being the virtually the same game every year… I find that for most studios output. GTA is similar to all of Rockstar’s own output (the Team Bondi developed LANoire aside) Fallout 3 to New Vegas is the same game to me as is Dragon’s Age 1 & 2 and stuff like Oblivion to Skyrim that everyone’s currently openly masturbating over and of course there’s Killzone, Assassin’s Creed, GH & RB. Most the games are the same, very little changes other than bigger = better.

        Which is why I like PSN games so much like Flower and Stacking etc

        I don’t even like FPS but I’ve really liked a few.

        The painting by numbers approach to game development is omnipresent, all publishers want to pump money into a project that people want to buy.
        Activision has shown more than any other which game types people want to buy, so much so they don’t even need to leverage money off online passes or any other bullshit, they just provide a product that people want at a price that people want to buy it at. I don’t think there’s any need to decry them for it, I’d turn my annoyance at the the companies who try & replicate them rather than trying to ‘beat’ CoD in their own unique way.

      • “… to Skyrim that everyone’s currently openly masturbating over…”

        Ew. Shouldn’t have read that while eating my chicken mayo sandwich.

      • On the contrary, If anything cod is one of the few franchises that does vary each year. A different dev each year, with their own style & ideas, which also generates a healthy competitiveness between them.

      • much as i dislike the way activision operates, i couldn’t lay all the blame squarely at their feet.
        they’ve found a formula that’s working, and is insanely popular.
        any company would want to continue with a successful product.
        but i think they may be pursuing a very risky strategy by following the formula so devoutly.

        and you can hardly blame other publishers for trying to emulate that success.

        but i’d rather they tried to beat whatever the big game is this year rather than copy it.

        i dunno, maybe this is just me grumbling about the state of the industry.

        this chasing after the next billion dollar hit is stifling creativity, not all games can make the kind of money cod has, the market couldn’t support it, there’s not enough money out there.

        maybe budgets and ambitions need to be scaled back a bit.
        there have been so many years of boom for the gaming industry, they’re pushing too hard when it starts to slow down, and if they keep pushing something’s going to give.

        this is all my opinion, just how i feel about the way this industry is headed, but who knows, maybe some time in the future, cod 145: vlagon war 6, will be the biggest seller on the lunar colonies, making over a trillion galactic credits, and making bobby kotick’s head the richest being in the galaxy.

        yeah, that was a futurama joke. ^_^

      • sooooooooooo, to sum up. activision *rant rant rant* lots of money *rant rant rant* taking us all for bitches *rant rant rant*.

        Oh well.

    • Its the only thing to talk about at this time *typical excuse deployed*

  4. BF3 for the world!!! this 3 dev shit hasnt got a chance, yes we all know its going to sell millions but only because of all the 10yrold cod idiots who nag there parents until there forced to get it 4 them just to have some peace. we all know that BF3 is going to rape MW3 in terms of playability,graphics,and actual structure which the COD games are lacking badly.

    And look how original that they are bringing the russian back how many times is this??? its getting really boring now and i for on will be renting it as my money is going on a game with an engine thats brand new and not rely on 5yrold game engines

    and we all know how awsome bf3 is going to be i still play B:Bc2 to this day as much as when i first bought it and it has never bored me not once where as MW2 is soooooooo boring

    run,claymore,hideincorner,wait,kill,repeatsteps1-4butinadiffrentroom……killstreak!! ohboringchoppergunneragain

    AND dont get me started on Crap OPs what a load of utter shite all the budget looks like it went on hiring sam worthington and the rest to do the voice acting which was shite singleplayer was good it would of been awsome without all the crashes,glitches,and screentear……

    • Not a fan then? ;)

      • Its just a cover, just come out and get over it Obi lol

      • now dont get me wrong i love(d) MW1 and to an extent MW2 but the utter content they showed PS3 users has finished activision off for me…. they dont care anymore and just want to turn a profit..and im not against this but when they bring out sub par games and expect the loyal user base COD has built up over the years to just buy it and not complain then they have lost there way i WANT the next MW to be awsome…. but we all know whats going to happen….annother clone with a diffrent number at the end BF3 have built the frostbite 2 engine from the ground up they also interact with there fans in a lot better way than COD ever has, and there content is fairly priced and not overcharged because its a map pack for COD 14.99 for 4mp and one zombie map (wft are zombies doing in a warzone??)they have let me and millions of others down with there lackluster half arsed effort

      • lol not anymore i’m not,loyalty to a brand is important to me and activision has lost this with there under the table and sneaky way they now do buisness. show no love for a company that shows its customers no love in return

        but i do want it to kick me in the balls and be the best shooter there is but we all know whats going to happen, especially with 3 devs on board im worried for the brands lifespan thats all the run guitar hero into the ground and destroyed it there 1 game a year is a bad for games in general……

    • Please try and use grammar and proper spelling.

      • That’s correct spelling. You’ve been demoted, from a grammar & spelling enforcement officer, to a punctuation bobby on the beat.

    • I really want to see a new Jedi knight inspired game from Activison.. yeah they might’tn have the rights anymore… but NO GAME allows the abilty to use brilliant lightsaber duals and the guns at the same time, they must do this, they still have the studio I’m sure of it.

      Hell it can be Call of Duty: Space Seal for all I care

    • You never know both could end up being bad, that would be hilarous :D

  5. as you can tell by my last post that i used to like COD but after the way they have treated PS3 players they can stick the next game quid up there arse…..

    DICE has my loyalty now and its gonna take something really special with the COD/MW on it to sway me im afraid shame really because MW 1&2 were really good…for 3 months then it was so repetitive and boring i gave up and the leveling up then having it all reset is so shite thats its insulting to the player do u guys realise that they have made u re-earn the same stuff over ten times in total???? how stupid and insulting to us gamers

    • Id rather play COD that have to rely on my squad / team, hiding in the hills with their sniper rifles.
      Not saying I dont like BFBC2 because I do enjoy it. but I also love Infinity wards offerings, but thats what put me off. And because they are all camping in the hills, it takes me an age to get back to the action when 12 snipers from the other team pick me off.

    • Same here, my experience of all DICEs games so far is spawn, shit all the vehicles are gone, oh well yet another 2 mile walk/sprint to where the action is, get picked off by a sniper and rinse & repeat. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Utter pants!

  6. Battlefield for me, thats is going to kick CODs bottom. Wont even bother with COD, another game with massive hype and massive let down.

  7. Instead of all this BF3 vs MW3 rubbish, an alternative would be to save your pocket money and get both as, lets be honest, they are both bound to be great games. There you go, theres two cents from me to get you started ;)

    • pocket money??? im earning more p.w than u ever will mate oil rigs is my profession,

      • lol just for the record I’m 24, married and employed, I’m just laughing at people acting childish :P

      • Wow that “pocket money” quote was taken way out of context. It is a very typicle expression, it wasnt aimed at your personal income Obi! *facepalm*.

        I will more than likely buy both, although probably not at the same time. I’ll see what day 1 deals are available for MW3.

      • I own all the worlds oil rigs, top that. Oh & incase you didn’t get the memo, your fired!

  8. I hope they stick some Co-op/Spec Ops-style stuff in the game. I loved the MW2 multiplayer, but some of the best laughs/memories came from Spec Ops. Great fun.

    • Agreed. 4 player spec ops is a must. The occasional checkpoint would be nice too as some of the later spec ops missions on mw2 were very annoying for newbs like me :D

    • Spec-Op’s is one of the best experiences I have had on my PS3. Me and my mates had great fun trying to do them too,
      hopefully they get some right cracking scenarios in this one.

    • i agree the best bit of MW2 was the special ops the intesity of these missions on vetran was awsome

    • Absolutely loved Spec Ops on MW2! God Dam you Star 69 though! Lol

      • LOL definately. That level where you finish it with a ‘breach and clear’ was a pain in the ass on Veteran. Lost count how many tries it took!

    • Spec-Ops is back and in addition there’s a horde mode

  9. don’t no why people want to buy the next cod as it’s not even the same devolepers that are doing the game(the big names). Will devenetly choose BF3 and that will be the online fps i will buy and Resistance 3 ofcourse.

  10. A trailer? Why, surely a much cheaper alternative would just be to tell people to have a look at Modern Warefare 2, or 1, or… you get the picture! I’m not keen on FPS games, I don’t know whether it shows :/

    • It’ll be shown at the break between the champo league final again I bet.

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