DiRT 3 Bags 2011 Fiesta RS

DiRT 3 is a fantastic game, it’s up there with the best in terms of physics and pure driving pleasure, but it also sports some killer vehicles, too.  Like the newly announced 2011 Ford Fiesta RS collaboration.

“Video games have become so realistic,” says Mark Bentley, licensing manager for Ford. “They provide Ford with a golden opportunity to leave a lasting impression about our performance cars and racing heritage.”


“The more we support a video game project,” said Bently, “the better the end result will be.”

In addition to the deal with Ford, Codemasters have also just released a video with Ken Block and Battersea Power Station, one for you Gymkhana fans.

Sadly, TheSixthAxis weren’t on Codemasters’ first run of final code, so we haven’t really tested the Fiesta and we won’t be able to get a review done for tomorrow’s 2pm embargo.

Our latest hands-on preview is here, though, and our report from the DiRT 3 community day is here if you want to read more about the game – we’ll get the review out as soon as possible.

The game got a 90% in this month’s issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine.

Source: Motorward



  1. Pre-ordered…glad there seems to be more focus on actual rallying.

  2. Bang on about the fiesta, but its a Focus in the video :P lol

    • Yeah, two seperate stories merged into one post, I’m afraid. Still, both Ford…

  3. If you like that, take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4TshFWSsrn8#at=412

    Mind boggling stuff, especially the spins in the wet, and (doh)nuts that shred the tyres at the end.

    Ken Block has balls of steel!

  4. Cooool

  5. Only a few more days to go, can’t wait.

  6. Why is it so hard to find a car list?

    This may swing my purchase choice.

  7. Been looking forward to this. While PSN has been down I bought Dirt 2 and was loving the single player. Since the network has gone back up I am unable to play online as in the game it says I am not connected to the Playstation network even though I am. I have spoken to Codemasters and both the two solutions they have given me have not resolved it. So I am a bit concerned that this will happen with Dirt 3. So I may cancel my pre-order :(

  8. DiRT 3 looks phenomenal, if it’s half as good as DiRT 2 then its a winner!

  9. ShopTo has just taken payment so hopefully it will be dropping through my letterbox very soon.

  10. My Dirt3 has been dispatched, so hopefully might come tomorrow or monday >:-D

    • Just got my text from Shopto advising of it’s dispatch, so possibly tomorrow for delivery. If it does arrive tomorrow that’ll be 3/4 days ahead of release date….RECORD!! lol :O

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