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Online Pass Needed For Dirt 3

Codemasters’ Dirt 3 goes on sale next week and will require the entry of a single-use code included with the game in order to access its online functionalities. “Online passes” are becoming more frequent, a counter-measure used by publishers in order to disincentivize the purchase of pre-owned titles whilst rewarding first-hand customers.  Those who enable the Dirt 3 code will also receive bonus content in the form of 5 VIP vehicles.

Following the game’s release, Codemasters will make the Online Pass available through both the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, though a price has yet to be confirmed.

Source: MCV


  1. Mine was delivered this morning, cant wait to play it later!

  2. It’s all moot when the store’s down anyway. Reviewing multiplayer will be like peeing on a moving target…

  3. To be honest, the 2nd hand value of this game is going to be fairly high for a while anyway.if you can’t afford £40, probably better to wait until shopto etc knock the price to sub-£30

    • This will be sub £30 within a fortnight easily! Every game is atm

      • Saying that just seen on zavvi for £29.95 Inc a code lol

  4. Not too fussed about the online pass but I do find the 5 VIP cars requiring an online pass just penelises those that do not have access to PSN on XBL

  5. Ah well, just the way things are going…

  6. So my PS3 copy has arrived today and I can’t play online as I can’t redeem my VIP code as the store isn’t up yet :(

  7. Just got mine from the shop! Can’t wait to play it tonight.

  8. What a bummer was gonna rent this.Well will have to buy it now cant frackin wait.

  9. So we get punished even if we buy brand new.. If I purchase Dirt 3 then I can play online on my account but my Son or Wife can’t play online on their accounts on the same console. No way are we buying an extra one or two passes just so we can use our OWN accounts online.

    This is becoming a joke, what next? PC games? DVD’s? Books somehow :)

    If I buy something and want to sell it then it should be my business. I really don’t agree with the online pass system. I feel for the developers but this isn’t the way it should be done as I explained above it’s something else that just hurts the consumer.

  10. Just wondering if anyone can help me, I got mine today and on the DC Compound, Parking Lot, one of the missions is Hidden Packages.
    It’s the last thing I need and I have 8/9. Has anyone done this mission and if so can you help me or point me in the direction of a guide that can please?

    • I found all 9 packages, I don’t know of a guide but the last one that I found was hidden among some boxes, barrels and pallets next to a lorry container on the left of the compound. Another one that is well hidden is….from where you start, turn around and drive towards the fence at the back where you’ll find a pile of barrels, pallets etc. and theres one hidden in there. Otherwise check inside every lorry container because there are a few packages hidden in those….even if there is only one end of the container open.
      I’ve done 22/23 missions in the first Zone Parking lot, but I can’t seem to get the 180 Jump, as I’ve spun at least 180 degrees off most of the jumps in the yard but that one mission doesn’t seem to unlock.

      • Cheers bud, I found it the next morning. It was the first one you described but it wasn’t there the first few times I drove through the boxes. The best way to do the 180 is hammer it from the opposite end you start from and jump from that way, turn hard with the handbrake as you reach the top, took me awhile but that’s how I managed it.

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