Online Pass Needed For Dirt 3

Codemasters’ Dirt 3 goes on sale next week and will require the entry of a single-use code included with the game in order to access its online functionalities. “Online passes” are becoming more frequent, a counter-measure used by publishers in order to disincentivize the purchase of pre-owned titles whilst rewarding first-hand customers.  Those who enable the Dirt 3 code will also receive bonus content in the form of 5 VIP vehicles.

Following the game’s release, Codemasters will make the Online Pass available through both the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, though a price has yet to be confirmed.

Source: MCV



  1. Just checked mine. You have until 2016 to redeem it..


    • Do you know if it allows online play on all the PSN accounts on your PS3 or just the account you used it on?


      • just account,

        Any store codes are linked to the individual account

  2. Personally I have nothing against Online passes. MP is such a big part of some games today, I only think it’s fair those who buy it retail gets it for “free”. The alternative where higher prices, more cut from the games or some crazy services to play the MP part, like Acitivision properly are working on for MW3.

    And it’s Dirt 3 \o/

    • Well said but can’t seeing mw3 being a pay to play. ESP for xbox users there not all that silly! £45 for the game, £30 for live, and then xx amount for cod online.

      • Activision wont care about the fact 360 user’s pay for online, that is of no concern to them. And seeing as the main reason MW sells so well is the online part, then its a nice little earner for them by charging pre-owned owners for the online.

      • I don’t think basic MP for MW3 is going to cost money, but they are properly going to make a premium service, which gives you access to maps earlier, unlocks, extra servers and priority over “basic” customers.

    • I agree with you in principle, but have a counter argument.

      As an Australian, Mortal Kombat 9 is apparently too violent for my 30+ year old mind to handle and therefore the government has decided to ban it. Being that I’m a) not stupid b) of the age that grew up with MK and c) in possession of a copy despite my countries archaic governance, what concerns me about online passes is that I can’t redeem mine with my Australian PSN login. Sure, I can login to my US account and register the online pass, but I have to play as my US PSN ID, which I never ever use. I can’t compete as me, my Australian PSN IS, nor can I achieve any online trophies.

      I wasn’t against the online pass concept at all until it affected me directly in ways I never saw coming.

  3. I’m expecting my copy to arrive today. Am I right in thinking that the online pass needs the PS Store to be up though?
    If so, sucks for the ones that get it early. (Not that it matters to me, busy with L.A Noire :P)

    • Not too long to wait, Tuesday is the plan I think, but then again best laid plans and all that….
      Hmmm 5 VIP cars, interesting :)

      • I thought it would be. Seeing as that’s the release date for it, it should work out nicely for people getting it then.
        I’ll have to have a bit of a practice before hitting online (as well as unlocking the faster cars :D)

      • I hopefully will also be getting the game today, the extra cars have come as a nice little extra surprise :)

    • Got mine this morning but haven’t had time to boot it up yet.

  4. Ca m’énerve.

    • I’ve got a feeling I’ve got the accents wrong on that. Darn, I always do. #amateurfrench

  5. You can understand why the devs are not happy about their products being resold with them getting a cut because online servers don’t run on fresh air. They cost money and that’s what it boils down to. So a slice of the money that changes hands for the game needs to go to the dev in order to help keep things ticking along. REALLY looking forward to this game. I think the multiplayer is going to be a blast! I just hope the stores up and running soon to register the pass.

  6. Won’t be long until they’ll lock discs to each console only to achieve there greedy aims.

    • There greedy needs??

      So naive

      • Imagine your PS3 breaks and you can’t play ANY of your games because they are locked to a single hardware console. I’m sure you would love to buy all your games again to play them on your new console. Next time think before you call someone naive because such a move would indeed be greedy.

      • And what games do this??

      • Obviously none but if it ever goes down to that then it would be catastrophic, not a huge fan of humans that locks downloadable games to one console (unless I missed something? :? ). Yeah its all doom & gloom lol….,

      • You do know what “imagine” means, right?

    • I don’t think Sony or MS would allow that this generation, at least, and there’d be a HUGE uproar over it if they did.
      I’d go out of my way to pirate something that implements that kind of idiocy…

      Anyway, online pass is fine, but day 1 DLC is annoying, and I always thought that Codies were one of the better pubs for this kind of nonsense! Ah well.

    • That would lead to some very unhappy customers in the case of the YLOD or other console failure. Would mean that when I replaced my YLOD fatty with a slim, my entire game collection would be rendered useless. Therefore I cant ever see this happening.

  7. I hate Online Passes.It punishes those who can’t afford it brand new. Why can’t the pubilshers speak to the retail store and demand a 10-20% cut of any profits that are made on preowned games.

    It won’t be long untill we end up with the same level of DRM that PC games have.*sigh*

    • It punishes those who can’t afford it brand new??

      How on earth does that figure out! If any human being can’t afford something guess what… They don’t get it!

      I can’t afford a private jet to take me to America, but I can afford virgin Atlantic cattle class… that Richard bransons

      • ….is that Richard Bransons fault? Do I feel like I’m being penalised because I can’t afford the private jet.


        I get what I can afford in life!

      • It is the pubilshers fault if they want £45-50 for it. It takes away a feature from the game unless you pay for it. I don’t mind if it is only DLC as that is not an advertised feature,but taking away access to the online part just because you couln’t get it brand new or saw it was cheaper is unfair. I buy most of my game preowned due to funding issues. I’m pretty sure that there are some TSAers who can’t afford it at full price and will buy it preowned.”I get what I can afford in life!” excalty. Some people can only afford preowned and this punishes them.

      • And yet you still complain there aren’t enough new IP’s? People like you make them lose money. I have “funding issues” yet I still buy everything new.

      • I have not got the spare funds to buy every game new. I would love to support every pubilsher by buying their games brand new but alas i can’t. Some games are near impossible to buy brand new.I want to see more new IPs but i doubt that the preowned market is stopping devs or publishers from working on a new IP as the intial sales will bring in more profits. I wish that every publisher would contact every retail store and work out a deal where they get 10%-20% of the profits made.The store still makes some profits and the publisher gets some money for every preowned copy sold which could be used on a new IP.

    • Yes I guess it does punish you. Why should devs pay to run there servers and you use them, when you don’t even pay them any money!? You’ve put you’re money into the pockets of the shop you buy the pre owned game from!

      I buy all my games new, and will do in the future!

      if it was up to the likes of you and pre owned gamers (there’s nothing wrong with pre owned don’t get me wrong) the publishers would only have to print out 100 copy’s of the game and then circulate the whole pre owned market, thus not making any money.

      Makes me laugh when people expect games to be given to them!? Business is business mate!

      You buy pre owned, expect pre owned,

      • if it was up to me,retails store would give every publisher a 10-20% cut of the profits made on every preowned game.I don’t expect a game to be given to me. I expect to be able to access all of the advertised features regardless of how i brought it.If i could,i would buy all of my games new. It is not my fault that i have not got a permant source of income!It seems that publishers would rather punish those who can’t afford or can’t get it new then sit down with a rep from a store and work out a deal.

      • Please refrain from changing usernames, especially to daft long ones. Ta. :)

      • If retailers had to pay a 10-20% cut to publishers they would simply raise the prices of preowned games.
        If you can’t afford brand new games and you still want to support the devs then just wait for the price of the games to drop. No need to buy them preowned.

      • the publisher got paid for that copy when it was sold the first time, there’s still only a single person playing that copy at any time, whether that’s the original owner or a preowned buyer.

        why does the gaming industry believe it alone has the right to restrict what we can do legally with any media we buy.
        and despite what they say reselling any media we buy has been legal for centuries, and remains so to this day.

        you could argue they have a legal right to do this, seeing as it’s an active service, but if people support this they’ll take the next step and lock whole games to a single user.
        and i don’t believe that kind of drm is even legal.

        this industry got used to huge profits for years, now profits are going down they still think they deserve those huge profits, we just came out of a bloody recession, where the gaming industry did better than most, now when things start slowing down they get greedy.

        well i say no, you will not get my support, and more and more people will take that same view the more they push this.

    • Hmm… depends, if it gave you bonuses then good but locking out features is a bit lame.

    • Sorry you don’t have a constant source of income.

      if you can’t afford it you can’t have it, simple as! You can complain and whinge, won’t change anything.

      I was un employed for 2 years couldn’t afford a single thing, but didn’t expect anything for free! If I couldn’t afford it I didn’t buy it. Simple

      • I agree with fatty, can’t afford – can’t have. And Steven, be nice if devs and pre-owned could arrange something but the probability is that that would only increase the price for end user – you!

    • By the time they are cheap enough to buy 2nd hand they have always dropped in price by then anyway.

      • Exactly I’d be interested to know how much money pre owned users actually save? Not every game is online so so what if the odd online game you have to pay a fee!?

  8. The game just arrived so I’d better check out the single player ;)

    • Damn my late postie! I wanna play :-P

  9. I’ve no issues with online passes, in fact it makes good business sense, but I’ll still wait a couple or 3 weeks until one of the etailers drops the price to sub £30, which we know will happen. ;)

    • Yeah same, I’m not fussed about having stuff now, I just wait till it’s £20 or thereabouts and get it then. Can’t justify paying £40 for something that’ll last me about a week before I’ve completed it.

    • Exactly exactly exactly!

  10. Online trophies AND Online passes.
    I don’t really play many games online, so I figure, if I sell the game, the next person might want to use the code. It’s pointless using a code for 1 session of online, when someother person could have a lot of use.
    Of course that sounds stupid, but it wouldn’t be an issue if online trophies didn’t exist.

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