Call Of Duty Leak A “Significant Security Breach”

As the battle hots up for this year’s big first person shooter (sorry chaps, it’s pretty much between Call of Duty and Battlefield) so too are the column inches, stories centred on both the Activision and the EA camps making up a good chunk of daily news reporting.

So, after the Modern Warfare 3 leak and the subsequent acceptance from Activision, you’d think that would be enough, at least until the trailer tomorrow, right?


Well, apparently not.  Looks like Activision HQ sent out a memo to employees after the leak, which Giantbomb got hold of. “I wanted to reach out to you today and address the Call of Duty intellectual property leak that occurred last Friday,” starts the email, from CEO Eric Hirshberg.

“Of course, Activision takes very seriously any abuse of our intellectual property,” he said, “the event is under investigation and we’re confident it will be resolved quickly.”

“When it came to light that we had suffered a significant security breach, it became clear that a leak of this size had the potential to throw our launch off of its schedule, or worse, blunt its momentum,” Hirshberg continues .

“As a company, we needed to look both backwards and forwards simultaneously. Of course we needed to immediately begin finding the source of the leak. But we also needed to deal with the fact that, like it or not, our launch had just begun.”

“Very few companies could have woken up with a crisis of this magnitude, and gone to bed with an undeniable win,” he concludes.  You can’t deny that whether this was a “significant security breach” or otherwise, it’s been dealt with brilliantly.

Via Giantbomb.



  1. o_O. Surely Activision are too predictable for any potential security breach to be significant?

    • Very true. We all knew that there would be another MW game, roughly when it would be out and what the setting might be. It’s like someone leaking that the pope is catholic or that footballers can’t keep it in their pants.

      • Imogen saying something like that. ;)

      • Just had a giggle at that, well done here’s some cake

      • Lol, have a super injunction on me.

  2. So it’s looking less likely that they engineered this themselves. I’m cynical but the modern world tends to breed that feeling.

    They dealt with it well and I’m 100% positive that this’ll have zero, negative effect on sales whatsoever, it may have even made more.

  3. it won’t damage sales, it got the preorder ball rolling early! But the marketing campaigns for these games are like military operations and for them to be interfered with is a big deal.

  4. I think Sony wins the award for Security Breach Of The Year.

    • i think they’ve won it from now until time stops

      • Idk, the UK government have had some cock ups, leaving disks with thousands of peoples data on trains and such..

      • i meant in a gameing sense. its got nothing on those in charge

  5. Yo Activision, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Sony had one of the best security breaches of all time!

    • Award show moment of the decade. :D

  6. I’m concerned that they’re far to quick to pat themselves on the back; they could have done nothing at all, would have made little or no difference. I’m calling this as even more PR bollocks – security breaches are the current Black.

  7. They need to be careful with all that looking both backwards and forwards simultaneously … might casue a nasty whiplash injury :-)

  8. This is way to similar to the Russian Airport Mw2 ‘leak’.The ‘we handled it brilliantly’ comment is just verbal masturbation.

  9. What an insane, arsey, vain, self-obsessed statement! We’re brilliant, look at the way we handled this.

  10. “We had over 4.8 million hits on the various Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 teasers over those first 48 hours. To put that in perspective, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops had 61,000 and 89,000 hits, respectively, in their first two days. Pre-sales for MW3 are off to an amazing start.”
    Damn! Leaked on purpose or not, Activision handled it brilliantly (as they said), but I didn’t realise they handled it that well. MW3 is going to be bigger than I thought…

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