Bowling Confirms First Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Tonight

Just by way of confirmation, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has locked down the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer.

It’s showing, as we thought, during the NBA Western Conference Finals at around 6pm Pacific time, or two in the morning here in the UK.


The latest Modern Warfare has been at the centre of a huge leak, one that was hurriedly dealt with by publishers Activision.

We’ll have that trailer up for you here on TSA as soon as possible after the event.



  1. Looking forward to seeing it. A couple of days ago I started MW2 again for the first time in ages and had forgotten how good it actually is (ignoring the questionable plot of course)

    • It’s all about the Burger Town level with the Predator Missiles and Thermal Scopes :)

  2. The fact that it has London and I have yet to buy a modern warfare came tempts me very much so, hopefully the trailer will be epic!

    • Destructable environments are a huge plus too.

      • Does it? yay! Battlefield may have one less trump card now then (although surely BF still has BETTER destructible environments?)

    • hmmm i’m not sure. i imagine it’ll be very limited or very scripted

  3. Is it the trailer that has been leaked being shown on TV, or is it an unseen trailer?

  4. They’d better get something new & improved out of their °sses if they want to compete with BF3.

    • A new engine has been confirmed(bowling/twitter,) which would back up rumours, of larger maps & destructable environments.

      • It’s not actually a new engine, as in it was built from scratch, but that they took the MW2 engine and went forward from there.

      • It’s not a new engine. It’s a tweaked version of the same CoD 2 engine. I don’t know how “destructable” the environment will be though. A table blowing being wrecked isn’t exactly like BF.

        We’ll have to wait and see. I’m hoping for more players, and I expect it. If that’s true then we can expect dedicated servers. P2P can barely handle 9v9.

      • Doesnt have to be as destructive as bf. Cod has a huge following & this will only make it bigger & stronger. Aslong as it doesn’t have spawn sniping like bfbc2, i’ll be happy. (i play bfbc2 f.t.record.) Come to that, if bf3 doesn’t have spawn sniping friendly maps, i’ll be happy.

      • @BIGAL-1992, my comment poorly worded, my bad.
        Larger maps(than prev cods & if incl,) would make for a slower paced mp naturally. Although, I only play hcore, which has a nice pace as it is.(hcore more tense too, due to friendly fire & no permanent map)

        What i’d really like to see (in all fps mp,) is when you aim near a teammate, that their id tag slightly fades. At the moment, blocks your line of sight. Would also like to see an option, to remove name tags in campaign.

  5. Holy hyperlinks Batman!

  6. 2am is tomorrow morning, not tonight.


    • Depends where you are. It’s 2am for us in UK, which is morning, but its evening/night over in the mighty u.s. of a.

  7. Excited! :D

  8. If you’re excited for MW3, watch it; If you’re not excited, don’t watch it; And if you’re here to bash COD just because you don’t like it, please piss off.

    • Well said :D

    • This is the first cod thread i’ve seen, with no cod bashing in sight.
      viva la revolution!

      • I think the haters are taking a break. They might be waiting to see the trailer to find something to hate on =)

      • I think the fact that it will not have battlefield in the title, will be enough.
        (can’t wait to get my copies of mw3 & bf3)

  9. I like CoD, but I’m hoping for more from the series this time around. Let’s wait and see if the trailer shows us something cool =)

  10. lets hope there is something new they bring to the table instead of copy & paste cod

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