“More Capable” Xbox 360 To Get Stereoscopic 3D

According to a report on Eurogamer, the Xbox 360 is due to get full stereoscopic 3D.  “Full-on HDMI 1.4 stereoscopic 3D in the 1280×1470 twin 720p framebuffer configuration,” says the site.

This would match what the PlayStation 3 currently offers, and the source of the information seems to think an E3 reveal for the tech is on the cards.


“The machine is not only very capable,” says the source, “it’s more capable than the PlayStation 3 of doing stereo, assuming you don’t have one of the old crappy ones with the composite leads… assuming you have a HDMI Xbox.”

Current 3D Xbox 360 games force two 720p images into the same frame buffer, but this method will give each eye a ‘proper’ 720p image.

Microsoft have said that they “do not comment on rumour or speculation.”



  1. About time we heard more about 3D (non-anaglyphic) on the 360. It’s been over a year since they were doing the cross-promotion with LG for 3D TVs. It’s not like you need HDMI 1.4 either. Many PS3s are running it over HDMI 1.3 and for the 720p 3D mentioned above there is sufficient bandwidth available over HDMI 1.2.

    • True, the only difference between 1.3 and 1.4 is the audio return channel, ethernet and the Super HD resolution (4k x 2k) capabilities. Both 1.3 and 1.4 can handle the current 3D films and games just fine.

      • Heh, yeah, but then people wouldn’t need to buy new TVs…

      • Well, you need the TV chip to process 3D, but it’s surely not as expensive technology as the manufacturers are trying to persuade us ;)

    • Hardly “on-par” with the PS3, as it would still be missing Blu-Ray and 3D movies…

      Didn’t Microsoft already claim the Xbox was 3D ready well over a year back?


  2. whats the difference to the PS3, sorry I don’t get it. Sounds good for xbox gamers if its true

    • I have a PS3 too, so basically their still ‘catching up’ with us :P

      “This would match what the PlayStation 3 currently offers” – that is all…..! :P

  3. I don’t see it. They had their shot to add this kind of thing to the 360S, and they didn’t bother. What’s changed since then?

    • They shouldn’t need to make any hardware changes, just new firmware the same as the PS3.

      • Aaaaah, the title and article are a bit misleading. Made it sound like they’d release a new revision of 360 that’s got HDMI 1.4 and maybe an increased EDRAM size to better accommodate a frame buffer increase for 3D.

        Don’t a handful of games already do “proper” 3D on the 360, anyway?

      • I know 360s have been demonstrated doing “proper” 3D but I’m not personally aware of any retail games that feature it. Though I’ve got a dim recollection of someone saying there was a 3D XBLA title sometime last year. I’m interested to know if there are already any out there.

      • Heh, I read it as “More Capable Xbox 360” as well and made the same assumption. Reading the article though, it seems as though MS would be adding 1.4a HDMI 3D support like Sony did through an update. I guess that the 360s current 3D is similar to how the PS3 had a few 3D games (Avatar, Invincible Tiger) before it got proper support.

      • Oh and I believe Black Ops is proper stereoscopic 3D on the 360, I don’t know what resolution it runs at though, probably half width unlike the twin image kinda setup the article talks about.

      • So the list of full price retail games is apparently Avatar, BlOps (as mentioned by Uhvye) and Enslaved (thought that was only 3D on the PS3) according to a quick read around. Plus an XBLA Indie title 3D Infinity.

      • I did say “a handful.” ;)
        The only reason why the PS3 has a raft of 3D games is because they’re pushing it very hard within their own camp. MS don’t have as extensive a list of developers, and haven’t pushed their exclusives to bring 3D to the table, so they’re just getting those who think “Oh, we can do this on both consoles. Lets do it, then.”

    • Crysis 2 as well.

  4. How does this equate in terms of file size, does Stereoscopic imaging take up more disk space ?
    Can’t imagine 3D Avatar available on DVD or download anytime soon but if it’s true then Sony have taken another blow.

    • While prerendered video would take up roughly double the disc space, everything else would be almost exactly the same, just a small amount of extra code telling the console to render twice and probably a few small fixes for effects that are often broken by 3D.

    • Avatar stereoscopic 3D 4xDVD edition – 2DVDs per eye ;)

    • M$ fudged up big time when they stayed on DVD format, I dont understand why they didnt put HD-DVD drives inside Xboxs and put the games on those disc…..

      • No offense to you personally because I know many people do it, but what’s the idea behind referring to Microsoft as M$? I don’t get it and I apologise for picking on your post.

      • Right there with you, aerobes.

        Apparently MS is the only company in the world that likes making $.

  5. Yeah but will a Xbox 360 owner get any Xbox 360 ‘Exclusive’ 3D games to play on their Xbox 360’s? Erm ‘NO’! LoL

    • A quick check of reality would suggest that of course they will. Microsoft are just as capable of ‘encouraging’ their studios to implement 3D as Sony have been. They just didn’t need to use 3D games to sell 3D TVs so could wait until there was a market for it.

    • Erm, why wouldn’t they?lo..l

  6. 1280×1470? Wouldn’t that be a portrait screen rather than landscape? Can someone explain this please!

    • Stereoscopic 3DTVs have a bunch of different input modes, one of them is called side-by-side, where you have the image for the left eye next to the image for the right eye. So while the image is 1470 in width, it gets split into 2 images by the TV, giving a normal 720p image for both eyes.

  7. I have a 3D bravia, and i’ve played BLOPS on both machines and honestly, i think it looked better on 360.

    I’ve also played Crysis 2 in 3D on 360 and think it looks perfectly fine. So if this update makes it all look even better, then i’m all for it.

    • Why don’t you compare two multi games that are actually the same on each console and not a crappy port, Black Ops is pathetic on PS3, its by far better on my 360.

    • Because i don’t two copies of a 3D multiplatform game that is the same on each console. Good enough reason?

  8. How Xbox will do 3D over 1.2 hdmi is beyond me. 3D games won’t fit on one disc unless the games like 30 mins long.

    • Well it’s a good thing you’re not making the games then right.

      3D doesn’t instantly mean the games will be twice as big.

      The Killzone 3 Single Player demos (1 3D and 1 not) were pretty much the same size.

      • 3D version didn’t have split screen co-op so that would have reduced the file size for 3D demo.

    • well there should be no real difference in the assets, maybe on prerendered video, but the in game assets shouldn’t be any bigger.
      the same data will be used they’ll just be rendering it twice from slightly different viewpoints.

      the main problem with 3d isn’t storage, it’s processing power, having enough power to do twice the work of a non 3d version.

    • They’ll do 3D over HDMI 1.2 in a similar way to how Sony do it over HDMI 1.3. You don’t need HDMI 1.4 to send the 3D bitstream which is just as well for the PS3.

      See Hazel’s reply for the answer to your ridiculous comment about 3D games not fitting on a disc. Then go and learn something about how games work and are made so you can avoid any more fanboy comments like that.

  9. Trying to catch up I see……

  10. so what exactly will they be adding that will enable the 360 to suddenly render an extra 720p image every frame?
    in effect doing at least 60fps at 720p

    • They’ll just do the same as PS3 developers have done and reduce the processing on each frame. Things like reduced geometry, drop motion blur as it provides less benefit in 3D, etc.

      • so ms will just be adding protocols for the 360 to send the proper signals to a 3d tv?
        it’ll be no more capable than it was before by the sounds of things.

        this isn’t some “xbox sucks” criticism, the 360 is plenty capable, it’s just the quotes from the source sort of make it sound like this will give it some sort of power boost.
        well that’s the impression i got anyway.

        anyway, it’ll be a while before i get a 3dtv so it won’t benefit me any.
        good news for those who do i suppose.

      • Correct, to the best of my knowledge it is merely adding support for the ‘true’ 720p 3D output format over HDMI. From a developer perspective it will be “more capable” as presumably Microsoft are adding in more native 3D support to the 360’s APIs.

      • those who own a 3dtv i mean.

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