PS3 Firmware 3.70 By September

Sony haven’t talked about firmware 3.70 yet – they don’t tend to do so until just a day or so before it’s out, normally – but the recent announcement of the official wireless headset (sets, for your head) has prompted them to at least let us know it’s coming.

The product page for said ear blasters references the new system software update at the bottom: “Surround sound on the PS3 requires system software version 3.70 or later,” it says, rather matter of factly.  The cans are available from September.


The headsets look fab, by the way.  7.1 digital surround sound, wireless and with built-in mic.  Shame they don’t work with Blu-rays, mind, but hopefully they’ll be priced well enough here in the UK to make them worthwhile for gaming alone.

Thanks Wario64.



  1. This would be good for me when im playing PS3 at night but not wanting to wake up my lil brother sleeping by me. Might get them, 7.1 is impressive (:

    And i hope the next update has some good features

  2. Interested more in these headsets than the firmware required personally….. change the title? :)

    • yeah, an update with no value at the moment seems to be a strange way to name the article

    • Some info: The headset won’t use Bluetooth but will be using a USB device to connect the headset to the PS3 [wireless].

      • thanks for clearing that up, i thought it was strange that it required a USB dongle for an official product

      • yes, is bluetooth not good enough?

  3. Why wouldn’t they work with Blu-rays?

  4. Also do you think this may coincide with cross-game chat?

    • Or the store?
      (Let’s face it, I’m not the first person this thought has occurred to :P )

      • When have they had time to develop this? They’ve been working round the clock to re-establish the PSN (which they’ve not finished yet!)

      • But surely not everyone is useful for the PSN though.. People who aren’t trained for it. I’d prefer some optimism for this feature as I’d love to talk over PS3 to my brother at the very least.

    • Not a hope in hell…

  5. I’ve had a look on the headset, and it’s really awesome, looks great… The only problem being that I need one now. Now.

  6. Unless the firmware allows them to be used for blu-ray, who knows…

    Not likely to have any features anybody actually wants…

  7. They look awesome :)
    Also wondering why they won’t work with Blu Rays? And any ideas on price?

    • $99 is the price that comes up after some googling.

      • That’s lower than I expected.
        Deffo perked my interest :D

  8. They do look really good – but why the USB dongle. Surely they could work off bluetooth like the other official headset, or would that be to connect to other devices like a laptop?

  9. Well, I’ll be getting that headset then.

  10. They do look nice, but if I can only use them for gaming and not movies, that kinda makes them a little less worthwhile. I may consider them depending on the price, but it’s a bummer you can’t watch movies with them!

    • Reading the small print under the key features list it sounds as if you can use them with movies but not surround sound.
      I’m wondering if the reason they are not using bluetooth for sound is that the bandwidth may be too much for surround sound and speech all at the same time so being a huge system hog. Also it may interfere with the wifi signal when used all at the same time.

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