The Witcher 2 Patched, DRM Removed

The Witcher 2 has received its first patch, with the headline change being the removal of DRM protection meaning you can “install and play the game on any number of computers, and no activation code is required.”

Furthermore, the following changes have been made:


“Other notable improvements include frame rate increases of approximately up to 30%, especially noticeable on DRMed versions and low spec systems, better stability, and non-problematic installation of free DLCs (the first free DLC, the “Troll Trouble” quest, is incorporated into the patch), the possibility of inverting the mouse and re-mapping directional control on the keyboard, and more.”

To download the patch you need to go here




  1. great move on their part, more publishers could learn a lesson from this.

    ideally though, i’d like to see them putting the drm free version on all future discs they put out.
    at some point in the future somebody will want to play this game again and the servers hosting the patch might be gone.

    • True, but for now I think it’s a great move. My brother will be happy to find out that he will be able to play the game on his PC.

  2. I’m currently in the process of buying a damn decent PC, so I will soon be able to get this hopefully! Really looking forward to it, heard such great things about it and I enjoyed the little amount that I managed to play of the first :)

    Also, that patch sounds great. Yum!

  3. Good news.. Although I bought it when it came out (from, where it was DRM-free anyway), I still haven’t got around to playing it yet because I’m working my way through the first game, so by the time I get to this, it should be all patched up and DLC’d nicely.. :)

  4. More patches then games these days lol.

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