Uncharted Vita Is Called “Golden Abyss”

Gaming blog Ripten is today adding fuel to the fire previously known as NGP by coming out and saying they’ve been told independently that the next PSP is indeed dubbed Vita.  Trusted source, too, naturally.

The reasons for Sony dropping the PSP moniker are clear enough – the brand needs a refresh and some people are still feeling burnt by the PSPgo – and whilst Vita sounded a bit odd this morning it’s starting to click a bit now.


What is new is that the Uncharted game is apparently being subtitled Golden Abyss – presumably not based on the level from Overlord – mysterious enough to fit in with the previous Uncharted titles.

Worth mentioning that, at least at this stage, Sony are still calling the NGP, er, NGP as far as we know, but there might well have been a recent mini pre-E3 gathering where certain press got access to the new machine…

One thing’s for sure, E3 is going to be fun this year.



  1. When the rumor first popped out, I kind of disliked the Vita name, but it has grown on me. Now I dig it. I think.

    • I thought it had something to do with health. But I to like it now.

    • Sounds too much like Vista (as in Windows Vista). I guess it’ll grow on me too eventually.

  2. Is is phonetically: veetuh
    or v-eye tar

  3. “VITA” seems an odd name, and a bit of a departure from Sony’s usual style of naming convention. But I don’t really care what it’s called, I just know I want it yesterday.

  4. As much as the PSPgo was a mess, I’m sure the reason it’s not called PSP2 is because so many uninformed game store reps referred to the PSP-2000 (and, brilliantly, the 3000) as the PSP 2.

    Also, Golden Abyss sounds nice and mysterious :D But then I’d eat up anything with ‘Uncharted’ on the box.

    • Ccouldnt have put it better myself dude.

    • I find that offensive!

    • Whereas I would eat up anything with Golden Abyss written on the box ;)

  5. The acronym “PSP” carries average levels of respect (in general) and possibly even a measure of failure to some. Sony would be right to go with something else. Also, I’d avoid another acronym and try to use an actual word so it carries instant meaning or interpretation.

  6. Let’s hope they don’t just rehash the “This is Living” ad campaign with “This is Vita”.

    I think the name sounds vaguely rydiculous and just a little bit crackers.

  7. I quite like it, but I doubt it’s real.. and yes, I’m sure E3 will be fun, but I’m going to be stuck in Wales.

    • There is no stuck in Wales. There is only awesomeness in Wales! :-)

  8. So, apparently the name for the Greek letter beta is pronounced “vita” in modern Greek. Maybe signifying that this is not a final name…


  9. Everytime I read this I just think of Ryvita – yum gonna make me a cheese spread ryvita :D

  10. I’m still not convinced by the name. I keep thinking of it as one of those premium water drinks.

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