Naughty Dog Discuss Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

The multiplayer element in Uncharted 2 was met with seemingly mixed reviews by a lot of gamers. Naughty Dog is hoping that what they’ve learned in Uncharted 2 will make for a unanimously successful multiplayer outing for Uncharted 3.

Below is a video interview that was recently posted on the PlayStation Blog with several of the developers from Naughty Dog that discuss just that; what they learned from Uncharted 2, and some of the things they’re doing differently for Drake’s Deception.


Also posted on the blog was a lengthy interview regarding a few additional details about Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. You check it out here.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Multiplayer in Uncharted? No thanks.

    • +1

      • UC2 multiplayer was good. What difference does it make if its there or not? You don’t have to play it. As long as it doesn’t take away anything from the SP I’m all for it.

      • No Coop – no party! *slams door in George Clooney’s face*
        I don’t care if there is a MP or not as long as they don’t cheap out on the single player because of it but since it’s Naughty Dog I think we’re on the safe side.

      • Two online is awesome? Why would you right it off?

  2. if psn would come back up i could download it cause i got it with infamous 2 that i got early

    • You talking about the beta. If so it hasnt started yet.

  3. It looks like a pretty good improvement

  4. i hope that even with all the time spent on making the multiplayer as good as it is that it will not affect the quality of the single player portion of the game.

  5. Sadly, it seems what ND is really doing with many of these “improvements” and additions, is unbalancing the game. Medal Kickbacks is one thing, but some of the boosters look extremely cheap, “Come Here” and “Retaliation” especially…
    I’d rather see they went in the other direction, one of the things that make the UC2 multiplayer so special and so fun is to me that the playground is always about even (well there is Situational).. Everyone starts out with the same weapon, and there’s no killstreaks. I for one would love to see a playlist in which boosters, medal kickbacks, powerplays and maybe more, were disabled.

    • I very much agree, I’ve disliked perks ever since they became mandatory in COD4. I was having plenty of fun in UC2 MP until I joined up with some higher level mates – here my enemies had situational awareness. That single booster ruined my whole experience, I don’t think I’ve played it since. Which is a shame, because its actually pretty good.

      Gone are the good old days of Counter Strike with -zero- perks/enhancements of some sort.

  6. Boom! No, multiplayer in shooting games is not my thing but I’ve always tried them out as best I can, to see if I enjoy it or not. Blops did this very well for me and I really enjoyed it but after a few hours it just seemed like it was so heavily competitive and stats focussed that I couldn’t enjoy it any more and quit like I had to do for COD:MW as I had spent a lot more time on that but only to realise it wasn’t fun any more, it was just stressy lol.

    I’m going to get Uncharted 2: Among Thieves over the summer to continue the story I left off with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune so I will try it out to see a before and after when this game comes out :) all in all, I’m glad that anyone tries to make things better but by adding the social networking features like this will not go well for people like me who have little to no friends who play those games and nor do I want to clog up my pages with related stuff as I used to have the trophy collection on there but it just got a bit too much showing my trophies all the time.

  7. Loved the multiplayer in Uncharted 2, can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  8. Epic epic epic doesn’t advertise it well to me.

  9. I am still playing U2 multiplayer. Played it all evening yesterday. The game provides an infinite amount of fun and awesomeness!! :)
    Can’t wait till 28’th

  10. I only got into the multiplayer for U2 late last year when i played in some of the meets. For U3 it will still come after the single player but will definately be receiving a lot more play time.

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