Vita Appears In Source Code

Looks like either Sony are still pulling our legs, or some menu developer has been a little bit over-eager.  Discovered by ShopTo, there’s quite a few references to “PS Vita” and “Vita” in the source code of Sony’s E3 site just now – take a look.

We’ve had a quick attempt to try to ascertain the links and structure but our efforts have gone without reward – any pages that you’d expect to be there from the HTML simply aren’t, or at least aren’t live yet, just returning elaborate 404 error pages instead.

<li><a href="/ps3/index.htm">PS Vita<span class="reg">&reg;</span></a>
    <li><a href="/psvita/features/index.htm">Features</a></li>
    <li><a href="/psvita/games-and-media/index.htm">Games &amp; Media</a></li>

Hardly confirmation – many are just treating Vita as the codename – but it’s interesting regardless.  Let us know if you manage to find anything.



  1. some people must be really bored!

    • My thoughts precisely. Surely the internet can wait for official announcements, no? :)

      • No, the Internet can’t.
        Think about it for a sec. If ShopTo was the first to provide solid evidence for the name of the next PSP, their name would be plastered across the Internet. Now that must be good for business, no?

      • its Wotta thats running shopto news now isnt it? So, wotta must have been bored lol

  2. Good tactic by Sony to keep people talking about it in the weeks leading up to E3, the same ‘what’s it going to be called’ tactic worked for PS Move too.

    • Yeah, and won’t we all disappointed :(

      • *weren’t

      • PS move isn’t too bad. I have to admit that the games for it aren’t ‘top class ‘.

      • not really name is fine imo.

      • I actually prefer it over ‘PS Arc’ which I thought was stupid. Move is much better.

  3. I for one would find it pretty humorous if at the conference they alluded to the whole Vita thing as playing around with us and then revealing a completely different name.

  4. If you load that link up in Firefox, click on view page source and search for “vita” then click either of the links within the source editor then it downloads what seems to be the .htm files for those links, still looking through the pages, saving them and opening them doesnt work.

  5. If it really is going to be called this, it’s really going to put me off buying one. PSP2 makes much more sense – you know what you’re getting and it’s a short name.

    • lol really? A name for something will put you off buying it. I can understand if it might be called PSwillywarmer or something, but PSvita is that bad?

      • Yes. It sounds like a diet snack, not a handheld console.

      • I feel sorry for you… No, wait I don’t.

      • The ONLY reason people are saying PSVita sounds like food for fat people is because there is a very very vaguely named cardboard food supplement with a slightly similar name, Ryvita…… *YAWN* @ the whingers…..

  6. Vita. Like a yogurt brand or somethin’. Still, NGP looks awesome.

  7. E3 soon…..

  8. The domain in the Netherlands is already developed,

  9. is coming up again now, maybe rather than being the the name for the NGP its a blanket rebranding for the current playstation models and software…… just a thought

  10. Even if this thing were called “The Big Black Shit” I would buy it if it were worth the money.

    • Made me laugh when I read this and I agree with you.

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