Crytek Announces ‘Ryse’ For Xbox 360

Those of you that watched E3 last year may remember a partnership between Crytek and Microsoft to make an exclusive game that was tentatively titled ‘Codename: Kingdoms’. This game made an appearance again at Microsoft’s conference this year but this time it has a real name.


They’re calling it ‘Ryse’ and it comes with Kinect support. In fact, Kinect is the only way they showed it.Players will be able to use both arms to block with a shield, use their sword and even throw objects at their enemies.

No word on when it will come out but we’re sure to hear more bits and pieces as E3 rolls on, and their trailer that was shown during the Microsoft conference should be available soon.

Stay tuned.



  1. The trailer looked good, reminded me of the E3 09 demo of Move, only obviously, without the Move.

  2. This looked pretty decent. If it lives up to the trailer they could have a good game there.

  3. i thought the trailer was pretty awesome. Hoping to hear a lot more about it soon

  4. Out of all the exclusive games I saw at the MS presser, this intrigues me the most. Hopefully Sony and the studios working with Move will come up with something similar.

    • I’m still waiting for a decent move sword game. Fingers crossed for the conference.

      • Same, you would think it would be what the move is perfect for. Sony really need to get moving on it.

  5. Another big gamble. Sounds good though…

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