Far Cry 3 Announced and Amazing

Ubisoft have announced Far Cry 3 in their E3 conference. We don’t really have much more information than that, except that the trailer shown was played live with a 360 controller (which means it could’ve been either 360 or PC footage) and looked utterly gorgeous.

The game featured bright, vibrant jungle settings and a lot of really quite threatening talk from who was clearly a bad guy. Looks like he’s a bit mad, as he keeps saying – ‘Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?’ We’re very excited. Not in that way. Hopefully our guys at the show will get a chance to spend some time with it and report back.



  1. I missed this, can’t wait for it though :D

  2. Looking forward to hearing more on this :)

  3. I just hope it’s not as repetitive as the second. That said, it looks brilliant.

    • Looks like a blend of the first and second. I enjoyed FC2 at the time, but it did have plenty of flaws. Looks like it may have gone back to its roots, well I’m hoping at least!

    • Back to the setting of the first, a lush, verdant tropical island. Probably more of a polished up and tweaked gameplay from the second, though.

    • Looks great, thanks for the link.

    • Hey bigdon23 thanks for the link. Was blown away by that gameplay.

  4. Awesome! really hope they do something good with the story with time

  5. Fantastically well presented at the conference, the gameplay shown was brilliant.

  6. No Rainbow Six announced :( Doh!!

  7. Far cry 2 was one of the better games in the early days of ps3. I reckon if I played it now though it’d feel very dated so they’ll have to make a lot of improvements to this to make it feel fresh and current. Looks promising though

  8. My bro completed and raved about 2. Might get this.

  9. Yea i found the constant respawning of checkpoints in FarCry 2 was a major head melter!

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