Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster

Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions are working on a new family-oriented Kinect title, Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster. Shown today during Microsoft’s E3 press event, the game looks to be essentially a mini game collection.

Unlike many other mini game collections we have seen, not just for Kinect but on Wii and PlayStation Move, the production values looked to be up to Double Fine’s usual excellent standard.


Only a couple of the mini games were demonstrated on-stage during the slot which was just a few minutes long.  One was a kind of monster version of Dance Central, with the players copying an on-screen monster’s moves.  In the second players caught flying bugs in their hands.

Trying to look past the scripted on-stage performances though the game does seem to have the potential to be a big winner with young families, especially given Sesame Street’s long-standing international appeal.

And let’s face it, who didn’t jump around the living room pretending to be scary monster when they were little.  It has got that and Cookie Monster going for it.

Now we know what the “fur rendering demo” was for…

Update: Now with actual game trailer…



  1. Could somebody lend me a hand? I need to do a triple Face Palm.

  2. Properly the best Kinect game they showed, because it’s perfect for it’s target group, kids at very young age.

  3. Can’t wait…. only for the cookie monster alone

  4. Kids will like it, if they even watch sesame street anymore lol. Count van count was a legend….ah ah ah ah ah…..

  5. Librarian : How can i help you?
    Cookie Monster : Me want Cookie
    Librarian : I’m sorry sir this is a library we don’t have cookies, just books.
    Cookie Monster : Me want Cookie!
    Librarian : we don’t have cookies, but we do have books about cookies.
    Cookie Monster : Ok me have book about cookies…. and a glass of milk!

    Well, it cracked me up when i was a kid :D

  6. God I love Cookie Monster! Where can I get one of those puppets!

  7. I think that monster from The muppets was much better, he should have his own game.

    In Kinect you should be able to speak: “hi Imma bunny”, then sing along with the rabbits.. then eat them. It’ll make more sense than Sesame street since The Muppets audience seems to be everyone.
    I just can’t get enough of it

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