Inversion E3 Trailer

Inversion, the new shooter from Namco Bandai, has been blessed with that most rare of gifts, a new trailer for E3. The game is being developed by Saber Interactive and is due for release sometime next year.

The trailer shows the highly unique story of a chap who’s family has been kidnapped by gribbly monster types. So, of course, he is going to kill them all to get his wife and daughter back.


The difference this time is that you can kill people sideways, upside down and quite possibly inside out and round the bend as well.

Source: YouTube



  1. Until the last scene was shown, I wasn’t sure how this ability could truly change gameplay rather than acting as a gimmick. It looks very interesting, and at least it’s something different nonetheless.

  2. Looks like Red Faction Guerrilla minus the destruction with the addition of gravity powers. If there’s a demo, I’ll check it out before considering buying it. Looks OK, but I’m not seeing anything special.

  3. Might give it a shot.

  4. I think it looks quite good, just hope they pulled it off. Also it seems Namco Bandai have watched alot of Inception, the gameplay reminded me of the scene in the hotel in Inception + they just ripped the music from inception too.

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