Live Action Devil May Cry Movie Confirmed

Capcom have teamed up with Screen Gems (a subsidiary of Sony Pictures) to create a live action movie based on the Devil May Cry franchise.

The twist is the movie will be based on the new Devil May Cry game which is officially titled “DmC Devil May Cry” and you can watch a very nice trailer for the game by clicking here.


The film adaptation will be written by Kyle Ward who has written the screenplays for several upcoming projects including ‘Hitman 2’ and ‘Kane & Lynch’.

Source: Capcom Unity



  1. Oh God…

  2. Oh no…

  3. ugh

  4. The game looks terrible, so there is even less chance of this being successful than usual. I mean even if it complements the new DMC perfectly it’s still gonna be a fail.

    Dante as an emo kid just doesn’t do it for me, y’know?

    • Know what ya mean. The film would be best being based on dmc1.

    • Same here why did they have to go and change the character

  5. NO! Must not go into a geek rage. must resist turning into the hulk. It will be crap. I swear if it is directed by he who shall not be named, i will go into a megageek rage. No. Just no. Bad Capcom.Bad company. Also the plot of the “modern” Dmc looks like a crap. why not just do a CGI movie of one of the older and better games? I would go and see that.but no,let them destroy DMC.I swear if i see anything that looks twillightish in this film, i am going to be an unhappy Englishman and willl throw my tea at the screen.

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