Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Features YouTube Support, GGPO

Here’s some news that will easily make fighting game fans shed tears of joy. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition is confirmed to be an arcade perfect port with enhanced visuals, YouTube uploading support, and GGPO netcode implementation.

YouTube support is definitely a step in the right direction. There have been countless matches around the world that have never been documented. Great matches that will never be seen by other players. Now that the barrier of needing a capture device is gone, you can expect the community to go wild with combo videos and high level showcases of skill. It’s going to be very interesting.


GGPO (Good Game, Peace Out) is basically the best netcode you can get for fighting games. Fans have been asking Capcom and other developers to support GGPO but we’ve had no luck. Final Fight: Double Impact was the first Capcom game to use GGPO and it worked out quite well. Skullgirls, a 2D fighting game developed by Reverge Labs, uses GGPO as well. It’s great to see developers embracing the technology more and more now.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition is scheduled to release on XBL and PSN in Summer 2011 for $14.99.

Check out the screenshots below. Notice that the HUD has been redone and there are challenges to complete.

Source: Eventhubs



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