What We Played #4

This is going to be a short What We Played this week as we have all been busy keeping you up to date with a little show that has been taking place in L.A. Neither Kris or Dan has managed to get any gaming in at all and all Tuffcub has managed is to spend a little while testing the bullet-absorbency of zombies in Dead Nation.

We received some reports from the Eucadian front that there has recently been a significant decline in hostilities.  Believing we knew the probable cause we contacted Chris to confirm. Indeed it is the case that his jeep and warhawk are sat under dust covers in temporary storage. The only playing he has been doing on his PS3 lately is playing Blu-ray disks.

[drop]Meanwhile, on the subject of conflicts, Toby has been rewriting the history of Europe by helping Spain conquer the English; on the green, green virtual grass of FIFA’s turf. Clearly the English defence is not what it used to be, perhaps because the rules of football prohibit the use of fireships these days. He has “lost count of how many times I have obliterated the England defence for David Villa to run through and put one past Hart”. ‘Course that would never happen in real life would it. Swiftly moving on…

Jim has been using E3 to do a bit of window shopping. He quite fancies a PS Vita (remember it’s Vee-ta, not Vy-ta) as a step up from his iPod Touch. He reckons the 3G Vita’s iTouchiness plus 3G, plus plenty of first party PlayStation titles could make it a winner for him if the price is right. Also, despite being a 3D-skeptic Sony’s 24” 3DTV could tempt him before Uncharted 3’s release.

Game wise Jim’s has taken his engineer to the Brink resisting the Resistance and is now waiting for the Agent of Change DLC before giving him another free-run around. He’s somehow also found time for Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, look for a review in the coming weeks, and Ghost Trick for the DS. He describes it as “an absolute treat to play, and though it may be the last DS game I play, it may also be the best”.

Matt has been racing on dusty, uneven surfaces again in both DiRT and Motorstorm: Apocalypse.  He found it an enjoyable game overall, but not without its flaws, “the biggest being that you could crash over and over again and still go on to win the race”.  Matt liked the 3D though, calling it the “best I’ve seen in a retail game yet” before adding that the tech “still has a long way to go” to provide a really convincing experience.

[drop2]I have been spending yet more time in the dusty, uneven post-apocalyptic terrain myself playing more Fallout 3.  I think I am still only a little over half way through the main story, it’s Little Lamplight I need to visit next.  I do not want to know any more how many hours I have spent on this single play through; I will look again when I am done.

For all the reports of its buginess (spelling checker does not like that word but I do) I had until recently only experienced one crash and one case of becoming stuck on the scenery. The scenery incident was largely my fault to as I was clambering precariously over rubble piles in a building trying to find a position to take down a sentry bot where it could not return fire.  I found one, but then could not extricate myself.

The other week I hit level 20 and having the DLC handy but not installed, due to the reports of how much more unstable it made the game, I finally had to bite the bullet and install Broken Steel for the increased level cap.   That went fine and there were no adverse effects if we do not count my first, surprise, encounter with a super mutant overlord.   That did not go well but I cannot blame the DLC for it.

Feeling more confident with the stability of the DLC I installed Mothership Zeta to play.  That worked fine too.   Then I got too confident though and installed Point Lookout; which was clearly a DLC too far.   I promptly had four crashes in a matter of hours, two crossing the wasteland to the river boat and two a matter of feet beyond Point Lookout’s boardwalk.  Learning to treat it with kid gloves now and have gone around 6-8 hours without incident.

What have you all been playing while keeping half an eye on our E3 coverage?  What are your gaming plans for this weekend?  Hands up if it your hypothetical gaming tweets would be ending with #DNF.



  1. Ive been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas, and luckily enough im still yet to experience a glitch or crash! Also the usual Fifa against my mates but ive won only once in games ive played, im terrible. I also had a go at Gran Turismo, Dead Space 2, Dead nation and LA Noire. So not a bad week for gaming for me :)

  2. Hmmm, all this talk of Fallout 3 has gotten me hungry for some post-apocalyptic warfare. GoTY edition can’t be much these days.

    I’ve been making full use of my free PSN downloads, so its InFamous and Dead Nation for me. Loving them both.

    • The picture alone wants me to play Fall Out.

      • Yeah same. It’s calling me!!

      • I even sold and then bought it again after realising i missed it so much after yet another picture tugged at my heart strings

      • And was it worth it?? I’m going to take your answer at face value and going get it again if so…

      • Yes it was, its always worth a stroll through the wasteland.

      • I’ll second Moshi’s recommendation. Fallout 3 is a super game and I too, have owned it twice. Worth every penny.

      • Sorry, I should mention I’ve also played it, although not completed it. I think it’s time!

  3. It’s been a ridiculous week for me to be frank – Had my birthday on the weekend, so on top of the ridiculous amount of games I have in the backlog yet to be completed, I also acquired Motorstorm Apocalypse (& I have to admit that it is a great game but i completely agree about the crash/win scenario), Portal 2 & LA Noire & have also acquired Infamous 2 today with the remainder of my birthday money.

    I think I may need to take a sabbatical from work & go into hibernation to start making some decent progression on anything!!!

  4. Damn I hated those Moira Brown missions and my OCD – should have just lied!

    Working through homicide on LA Noire; did a bit of Brink and Portal 2 co-op; and have gone back to finish Uncharted after purchasing Uncharted 2 for a tenner. Oh, and trying to get passed level 28 on Der Riese. And upgraded HDD to 500gb – yay! :)

    • Haha, that Moira Brown. Nothing seemed to be enough for her.

      • If she wanted it so bad, why didn’t she go across the wasteland! :)

  5. Finally finished the Witcher 1 and moved on to the sequel which looks absolutely stunning and is fun to play so far.
    Amazon UK ballsed up my credit card payment for Red Faction: Armageddon so it wasn’t sent out to me yesterday like it was supposed to which means there won’t be any RF:A for my birthday tomorrow and since Monday is a holiday it won’t be here until Tuesday… L.A. Noire still laying around gathering dust… Too many games to play!

    • Monday is a holiday??

      • I think in some countries such as France

      • And Belgium! Wahey!

      • In Germany it is. So 3 day birthday weekend!

      • Ah, fair dinkum – I thought too that I couldn’t have had ANOTHER day off quite so soon! :)

  6. WipEout HD Fury, inFamous, Dead Nation & Gran Turismo 5 for me :)

    • I sense you may have redeemed your Playstation Welcome Pack recently ;)

  7. Havent really played anything this week as I’ve been glued to the E3 feeds. I did check out the Dungeon Siege 3 demo (loved it) and downloaded the 3DS update so I’ve played a few small bursts of Excitebike (what a classic). All that will change next week when OoT comes out of course :D

  8. InFamous for me as i got it free and wanted to finish it for some space on my hard drive.

  9. Finished off Resistance 2. Enjoyable if not a massive step up from the original. Dipped into the MP but it’s just not gripping me. Think I’m done.

    Finally got into Shooter 2. Aced the first area with 100% diamonds found. Cuthbert, I’m on to you. NOT liking the “hungry suit.” Hopefully that’s not used as much as I fear it’s going to be.

    Kicked off Red Faction: Guerilla. Early days but there is definitely something to hitting a building with a hammer and watching it unravel around you.

    • I found Resistance 2 such a letdown after really enjoying the first. Why they removed campaign co-op is beyond me. Third one looks good though so I’ll have to pester one of my mates to let me borrow their PS3 around the time it comes out ;)

      • I can’t say which game I prefer. R1 was great because of the story coop. Ditching it was the biggest mistake they could have done but if I had to compare R2 to a R1 without campaign coop I’d pick R2 as the winner.
        I really, really hope R3 has campaign coop.

  10. Been building the Street League parks in Skate 3, but will play some Portal 2 this weekend with my mate.

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