Podcast: Episode 22

If you didn’t know it was E3 last week then I really do wonder why you’re getting this podcast. Are you perhaps related to me? If so, Hi Mum. If you’re not my mum then you probably know that last week was packed full of trailers, announcements and press conferences. I’m pretty sure you can guess what we talked about. Here’s a hint, it starts with the fifth letter of the alphabet. Unlike the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo specials that we put up last week, we’d had a little time to breath when we got around to recording this episode and it’s probably a little more coherent. Not by a lot, but we don’t spend the entire thing trying to work out what we’d just seen or sounding mildly delirious.

Beware though, with so much happening at E3 this is a long episode. In fact it weighs in at over two hours, although that’s mostly my fault for spending so long talking about Nintendo again. Aside from the big show Lewis has something to say about the film Biutiful, and Peter talks us through his experience with inFamous 2.

There were also two competitions if you’re in the mood to win something. We do mention it, but please send entires for Lewis’s music competition to lewisgaston [at] screendemon [dot] com and entries for the comic contest to podcasts [at] thesixthaxis [dot] com.

Oh and I got back to my hosting duties, which I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know. Or maybe you prefer Lewis. If you do, remember: I never really liked you anyway.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Wrong podcast, you’ve linked Episode 21.

    • Paging Kris!

    • Fixed this, sorry. This is why Peter normally does it!

      • Ta. I found the file anyway and am already listening ;-)

      • You silly Pengwin.

      • I believe the spelling is pingwin.

  2. Cool, will grab it from iTunes later..

    • Should be a good onone. As always*

      *yes always

  3. What was the question for last week? As I couldn’t find Infamous 2 demo on the store to actually enter so was it Infamous 2 or Infamous 1 you wanted?

  4. 2 hours nice?

  5. Excellent podcast guys. I would have gotten all of those songs.:D shame you didn’t use my S*** kill or marry question.:(

    • Oh I think it’s because your account is private, so it doesn’t show up in the search.

      • But i mentioned the TSA twitter account.And may have included your name in it as well.:(

      • Yeah, but I don’t follow you (I don’t think) so it won’t show up. Stuff from private accounts only shows up to people following them I think.

      • Then follow me.:( I don’t bite…………much.

  6. great podcast yet again. I am the guy who entered the competition despite not being a TSA member :(. I have given in to temptation and decided to register having been a big fan of the site since it’s creation.

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