Need for Speed: The Run ‘Death from Above’ Trailer

A new trailer for Need for Speed: The Run has been released, and apparently it’s taken from gameplay footage (albeit from a helicopter viewpoint).

The game was recently confirmed to have out of the car quick time events, although the comment was made that it seems to break up the actual racing.


We look forward to seeing more.

Source: YouTube



  1. This looks brilliant, Not really into car games apart from Motorstorm but this is looking like something i wanna get.

  2. I’m surprised it’s Black Box doing another NFS after producing 2 clangers and then focussing on Skate, while the NFS went to Slightly Mad & Criterion.

    I was expecting these guys to be helping with the new SSX. For me it depends on how long they have had to make it, it will be a year and a half after Skate 3 upon release.

  3. really don’t see the need for the out of the car quicktime events. Quicktime doesn’t really add to gameplay in my opinion.

  4. They seem to be sucking the ‘Need For Speed’ brand dry, so much so that I’ve lost track of all the Need For Speed games which have come out over the last 2 to 3 years.

    • Well, they have three developers working on Need For Speed now: *Slightly Mad Studios, who made Shift and Shift 2
      *Criterion, who made Hot Pursuit
      *Black Box, who are making The Run.

      Basically, as Eurogamer said in their review of Shift 2, “By now, the Need For Speed brand has come to mean little more than ‘EA-published video game featuring cars’.”

  5. Just bring out Road Rash HD already! :)

  6. not the best date to release it on… i will dedicate my life to skyrim after 11.11.11……

    • Ive got this,skyrim and AC on order and all in a few weeks of each other. Hmm what 2 to cancel and what to keep.

  7. Wow another need for speed :/?

  8. Ooo, I find that trailer supremely fascinating with the direction they want to take the game. It could turn out to be a real turkey but I love what they’ve done with it (so far).

    Whip out your ‘interested’ crayon and give me a once over. :-P

    • Haven’t watched the video (as video playback doesn’t work in work), but I do have a bit of a soft spot for ‘quirky’ racers. Will have to keep an eye on this & see how it all turns out.

      Oh & my interested crayons come in pink or mahogany – Which would you prefer? :P

      • Ha! I’m scared where this crayon of yours is going.

  9. Looks good, considering this is the same engine used for BF3.

  10. I don’t understand this game.

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