‘Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection’ Outed By Retailer

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the news that a Devil May Cry HD Collection might be in the works.

Well, Spanish online retailer XtraLife is now listing a ‘Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection’ which features DmC 1, 2 and special edition of Devil May Cry 3.


The release date is listed as November 30th, “only on PlayStation”.

Source: Siliconera



  1. :D I shall be getting this as i should be employed by then. Oh damn it is in novemeber :-/

  2. Would definatley be interested in this….. after christmas

  3. Well, they could have slapped on DMC4 for good measure, but nonetheless, I’ll buy this anyway. Since it’s coming to the PS3, you know what it means? Trophies! I’m just surprised this doesn’t get the “Classics HD” branding.

  4. I’m so bored of this re-release crap already.

    • Yup – PSP ruined by PSOne re-releases and Minis – no new decent titles just after it peaked with it’s own versions of Gran Turismo and MGS: Peace Walker. Shame.

      And now PS3…Ico, DMC, God of War, Tomb Raider.

      Will the Vita just have PS2 re-releases? Hope not

      • psp have had great games that are it’s own. And we are getting toons of ps3 exklusives and i just see the ps2 classics as a bonus.

      • PSP has not had anything decent since the games I mentioned. Sure I don’t have to buy the Minis etc but when they’re being re-mastered by developers instead of releasing new games, it’s frustrating, particularly for hardcore PS fans like myself who HAVE already played these games.

      • Prinny, Monhun, Phantasy Star Portable, Dissidia FF, Armoured Core… ?

    • I for one like it, because this is the first gen I have a playstation. The two previous generations I’ve had an xbox and a nintendo. So I’ve missed out on all the older ps exclusives, making the HD re-releases a great way for me to play catch-up!

      • Yup, and thankfully buying and/or playing them is completely voluntary, and there’s lots of new stuff coming out if one isn’t interested in these. I love that they’re making them.

  5. Personally I feel people should write to Capcom and ask them to take DMC2 out of that collection and knock the price down by £10… afterall I can’t imagine anyone wanting to play that game ever again :|

    • I might be on my own here, but i quite liked DMC2. :(

    • I like all three what is so bad with the 2nd???

    • …just me then LOL :$ No, it reviewed very badly in comparison to the other releases. I definately didn’t get on with it.

      Eurogamer quote: A deeply flawed combat-based action game that offers a mere fraction of the depth and the challenge of the original… It’s a shock to see the mighty Capcom let its standards slip in such a dramatic fashion.

      • Well i didn’t think it was that bad but everybody likes what they like :)

      • after i fought a zombie tank fairly early in DMC2 i gave up on it and the rest of the series.

        il probably get this though, to get me back into it.

    • lol why?.. DMC 2 wasn’t horrid, I played it a lot and I never hated it. That wasn’t as great as the mighty Devil May Cry or 3, 4 but it was still enjoyable to the very end. (of hell)

    • Lol, clearly it has more followers than I thought. Sorry guys! :)

  6. Never played any, so this will be at least a try for me

  7. Great games all round & i may very well be tempted by this. Depends on price point & what else is about at the time though.

  8. I think this is good news. I haven’t played any of the series so I will definately be buying this.

    • Boxart is horrible though.

  9. What fugly boxart!

    • will be in the HD classics style box I would think near release.

  10. nice loving this news just need Rockstar to jump on with GTA.

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