Future Publishing To Lose 100 Staff

MCV is reporting that Future Publishing are to lose around a hundred staff as pressures on the stumbling print market grow.

[drop2]The news comes from an internal memo to staff from Future’s UK CEO, Mark Wood, which was subsequently leaked to the trade website.  A hundred people represents a tenth of the thousand employees, although just now Future are asking for voluntary redundancies.


After that, says MCV, “roles will be removed via a consultancy period.”

Future Publishing have a decent portfolio of magazines, including favourite of the site, Edge magazine, and several ‘official’ console monthlies.

Whilst the memo talks about “reviewing the future of some titles” it’s thought that the company’s online presence is sound.

Our best wishes go out to anyone affected.



  1. thats who publish play mag. i hope that this doesnt affect any of them.

    • my mag has Imagine Publishing on it?

    • Play are indeed published by Imagine Publishing.

  2. Someone who frequently visits here works for them I think. Hope he isnt affected either

  3. It’s always unfortunate when people are laid-off, however it’s inevitable that magazines will start to dwindle if 90% of their content is available in essence elsewhere.

    I need to take a look at the new Edge design, although I’m increasingly depressed by design work becoming about nothing more than flat vectors with a palette of less than than five colours.

    • Most printed publications are feeling it. The newspaper industry is in decline but I hope the publishers make provisions for both their staff and how to deliver their material to us online.

  4. Got a number of friends who work for Future in one guise or another, have fingers crossed none of them are affected. Sadly it’s not really a surprise that print is starting to struggle in this digital age, though I still prefer holding a physical magazine in my hand!

  5. I’m guessing these may be the FirstPlay guys no longer needed? :/

  6. I don’t like Edge, it’s made for people who think Ipads are cool. I have issue one somewhere – it was good when it launched, shame i turned it a pile of holier-than-thou drivel.

    • Shame you’ve not read it since issue one.

      • I have – hence I said it had turned in to “a pile of holier-than-thou drivel” :) OK im being a bit harsh, some it is very good – but some of it is very very preachy.

      • Edge writers definitely come across as very arrogant.
        There’s a few good articles in each magazine, but I can access thousands of articles about any topic I want on the internet for free…
        I really think that print media is facing it’s end.

    • I used to read EDGE too, but migrated to GAMES tm since.
      EDGE seemed to get a little up its own arse. That said I haven’t read it in a while, so it may be different now….

      But I doubt it.

      • Yep GAMES tm is where it’s at! Love the magazine and the features they cover are superb for the lessons I teach ;)

    • Funny you should say that about the ‘holier than thou’ attitude of EDGE.
      I used to be an avid reader of MBUK (Mountain biking UK) But they eventually disappeared up their own a**es too. Shame really was a good mag.

      Still.. wouldn’t wish redundancy on anyone, been there done that… couldn’t afford the T-shirt. :(

    • I always got the impression that the writers at Edge didn’t really videogames that much, they we’re always so negative about them..

      • I love videogames, but I can (and am currently) quite negative towards them, so I’d probably understand their negativity :3

  7. The cost of printing nowadays is too expensive. Add in ever increasing postal rates, the internet and portable e-devices. And it’s inevitable, print is dying. Maybe they should target people with subscriptions that borrow or give their magazine to a friend who gets to then “steal” from the publisher by enjoying and using that magazine for free. Or create some kind of lock where they can lock out second hand, or over the shoulder readers, they can call it an Off-line pass. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Well your right it is.

    • Hehe made me laugh! :D

    • Comment of the week! Well done! *applauds*

    • Amazing! Well done squire!

    • Sarcastic, biting and post of the day. *golf claps* :-)

    • lol, nice. pass sarcasm getting everywhere now :)

      • Funny as, put the other subject in it’s true light.

    • Well said. Publishers need to stop putting the excuse on something else other than their own content and be a little conscientious.

  8. I’m not surprised for 2 reasons. As an avid PS fan I have subscriptions to the official PS mag and FirstPlay. So, no one from FirstPlay informs me that the digital magazine is ending, and I’ve yet to have confirmation that I’ll be issued with a pro rata refund. (I heard that FirstPlay ended on this website – so good job!). And….as subscribed to the official mag for years (have every PS2 issue and most of the PSOne mags too) yet as a “loyal” subscriber they would not lower my 3-month subscription fee from £11.70 to £9.72 (“new customers only”). So I had to cancel my subscription and take a new one out, and they managed to mess that up. Poor service and no loyalty. Phew….I’ve been waiting to get that off my chest.

    I do hope no one useless loses their job, but given the above the selection process should be easy enough.

  9. Magazines used to be my go-to source for gaming info, and though they still dish out some amazing exclusives, a majority of content can now be found on the web. For the record, Edge is my mag of choice too, pretty much covers all bases.

  10. I used to subscribe to the UK Official PS2 mag over here in Norway – great stuff. It became slightly redundant when the PS3 came with demoes on the store, though.
    A shame, a lot of talented people worked on these mags. I hope everyone finds spectacular new jobs!

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