The House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut Trailer

We brought the details, some screenshots and the boxart of HoTDOEC (try saying that 10 times, fast) last week, but you didn’t get to see what the game looks like in high definition action.

Well, thankfully, a trailer has popped up, like one of the many enemies you’ll be facing in the game. And again, thankfully, it looks great. The graphics aren’t anything amazing but it looks really fun. You’ll know for yourself when the game launches, this October. Have a look below… if you dare.

Source: VG247



  1. Looking forward to this, might even buy a Move!

  2. Finally a game worth playing with my sharpshooter!

  3. I enjoyed The Shoot, didn’t like Time Crisis much but this looks much better.

  4. Bit off topic: Does anyone know ag2297’s email so I can contact him.., or ag2297 could you pop me an email? Would like to discuss an issue with you



    • Hello, fella. AG is away for the week but trying to check-in at the end of each evening. Just in case you think he’s avoiding you. ;-) If it’s urgent, our illustrious deputy sheriff should be around (teflon).

    • Nah it’s cool mate need to speak to AG personally about a certain issue of mine

      Thanks though!! :D

      • You can get me at adam[at] dude :). I’ll reply whenever I can.

      • Nice one maaatttteeee.

        Email has been sent when ever you get a chance to reply.


  5. Lovely trailer. Looks like they’ve been inspired by Left 4 Dead 2 but added in some crazy ingredients, sprinkled with grated humour and grilled to perfection.

    Very interested to see if it has the longevity that L4D2 has. Hell, even if it’s enjoyable for a single play-through, I’ll be happy.

  6. Glad this is looking good. With this and Goldeneye coming out the Move will be in use.

  7. YES! More move gun games for me. I love The Shoot and need more with Zombies!
    Will keep on eye out on this one.

  8. So far the highlight of railed shooters has been Dead Space: Extraction. Looking forward to this come October-ish. It’s a bit worrying that all of Move’s best games seem to be coming from the Wii… (goes for a lie-down)

    • I started playing DS: Extraction and have to say it’s a brilliant game. I have to agree about the wii though. Move isn’t needed until a brilliant exclusive title is released eg. Sorcery.

  9. Day one. My moves are ready!

  10. Looking pretty good actually.

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