The House of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Boxart, Screens & Info

Back in May, SEGA announced that an extended edition of The House of the Dead: Overkill would be coming to PS3.

We didn’t know much about it then, apart from that the revamped version of the arcade shooter would feature Move support, be remastered in High Definition, have support for 3DTVs and also feature two brand new scenarios.


Well, thankfully, Mike Kebby has brought us all we need to know via the PlayStation Blog. Firstly, here’s the B-movie inspired boxart:

Mike has also told us just how the PS3 version has been upgraded, stating that as well as being fully remastered in HD and 3D with Move and Sharp Shooter support, it has two brand new levels, an exclusive crossbow weapon, baby mutants (what more could you want?), a Hardcore mode which ramps up the difficulty by only allowing mutants to be killed by headshots and a Classic mode in which you can only use the AMS Magnum weapon.

The end boss fight has also been extended and the game will feature online leaderboards for scores and stats, collectibles which unlock bonuses such as comic pages, artwork and music. In addition to all of this, the boss fights and cutscenes have both been improved.

It looks as though SEGA have really fleshed out The House of the Dead: Overkill, and there are still more details to come! Until then, take a look at the screenshots below for an idea of what the game will look like.



  1. One of my favourite Wii games. Was tempted to buy a Move with my new PS3 so this might be the game that convinces me to do so :)

    • I still remember playing through this on the Wii with you and a few others. Loved it then and loving the sound of this extended version.

      • ‘Sup Spax :D Yeah that was awesome. Will have to meet up again at some point and storm through this version too :)

  2. Cant wait :-)

  3. Hmmm this might be the game that gets move out of the cupboard, but then again, didn’t really enjoy Dead Space Extraction so might not like this.

    • Not sure if this helps but HOTD feels more like a traditional onrails shooter. The only thing I liked about Dead Space Extraction was it’s storyline

      • True that. I only just got around to finishing Dead Space Extraction last week in fact (bought DS2 day of release). I may pick this up but when it is a lot cheaper

      • Given its a lightgun game I can’t imagine it holding it’s value for too long (I think the Wii version dropped to about 20quid after a few weeks)

  4. Ohhhh yes!

  5. I’ll be getting this for sure.

  6. It’s a must buy!! Any word on release date?

  7. Looking crisp, time to dust of the old Move then.

  8. Waahhhh it’s got clowns in it :(

  9. SOLD day 1 buyer!!! Best get me sharpshooter out.

  10. You guys only buy this game, because of the hot chick on the boxart :D… Nah just kidding, i don’t know is this game worth 60€ or whatever the price is…

    • Speaking as someone who played the Wii version, as great as the game was, there definately wasn’t 60€ of content to be found tbh. Obviously this article says that they are adding a lot more content this time around but I still think I will hold fire until I can get the game & a PS Move in a bundle for about £40

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