[email protected] Stats: August 2011

I think I need a holiday after all these folding posts, that or cake. Yeah, send me cake.

Right, time to polish off our folding week, and we have two things for you today, the stats obviously, and the results for last week’s folding competition. So first thing’s first, let’s close the folding week once and for all. To have qualified for the following prizes, you’ll need to have met the criteria previously set on the week’s intro.


  1. £10 Amazon voucher
  2. £5 Amazon voucher
  3. 100 TSA points


So overall there were 58 (59 if I’m included) people who qualified, and thanks to Random.org, these are the people who should have received their prize before this goes live.

  1. 100 TSA Points – samiro05
  2. £5 Amazon voucher – 3shirts
  3. £10 Amazon voucher –  Heedbaw

So congratulations to you.

August Stats

If you’re reading this, then good on you for caring for more than the competition, if I could tell who’s reading this I would give you all a TSA point, but I can’t. What I can do is ask you to comment “I carried on reading”, that way I’ll know, and you’ll get a point for commenting.

So since last month AG2297‘s reign slowed down due to him being away for a week or two and reaching the more active folders. We also gained DeadlyChipmunk who tore up AG2297’s previous high-speed ascent and became the 2nd most Active folder on the team, churning through am impressive amount of work units and gaining an equally impressive amount of points. He also climbed from the bottom of our table (~300th) to his current standing at 26th. Ironically, DeadlyChipmunk started to fold after reading AG2297’s Meet The Folder article at the beginning of July.

As a team, over the past month we worked on 2,510 Work Units, earning us over 1.7 million points which allowed us to overtake four team. To find out who’s next, you’ll have to read through to page 2. You’ll also note a team called “pfv”, who aren’t (to my knowledge) linked with gaming, but they have been folding about the same as us for over a year, so that’s who we’re really aiming to overtake soon.

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  1. I thought the prize was for the top folder in the week. ROFL!!! Epic fail for me :-P

    Ho hum, back to the folding :) Looks like we’ll pass quite a few by christmas from the stats though, which is nice.

    • Noooo, that way we’d only have the same 2/3 winners.

  2. 59 active folders, great, hope people stick at it and congrats to the prize winners.
    With the right push we can take microsoft out along with pfv.. ;)
    Oh and i carried on reading..

    • That’s within the folding week, over the month we had about 82.

  3. I kept on reading ;) Good work at organizing this Jas-n. You’re almost as big a star as RedStarGlow!

  4. Congratulations to the victorious ones! I would have though IBM to be a stronger folding force, guess not since… I carried on reading.

  5. congrats to the winners:)

  6. Also winners please make sure your TSA email address it up-to-date

  7. I just realized that as a team we should break 20 million this month! Jas-n – great job on the stats and write up.

    • We’ll have to have a “We’ve folded 20 million points” party.

  8. GTX 560 now ordered \o/

    Bring on the GPU folding!!! :D

    • I will be watching you very closely!

      • You’ve been spared a days folding, wife left the delivery at work :)

  9. Congrats to the winners.

  10. I carried on reading! And I’m in the top 50 yay!

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