Tweak It: Gran Turismo 5

Last week’s Tweak It clearly indicated that Xboxers are still in a minority around here.  Either that or most of you think the Xbox 360’s NXE is brilliant and doesn’t need changing.  Fortunately there were a number of you who did have some tweaks.  Here are the edited highlights:

  • Remove the adverts.  Predictably this was the most popular suggestion given the 360’s more prominent advertising on the primary level of the NXE through the Spotlight and three Marketplace ‘channels’.
  • Allow copying of music and video files to the 360’s HDD.  Given the 360’s superior custom soundtracks option the ability to drop all or part of your existing music library on it sure would be useful. ~ Mason_Mk, FPS_Rockstar, OneShotWook
  • Remember where you were when you switch ‘channels’.  One of my pet hates.  “If you accidentally press up or down and get to another row, which happens quite often with the 360 dpad, then you have to scroll over to the option you want again as it always resets to the far left option” ~ hazelam

This week we are asking you how you would tweak Polyphony Digital’s self-proclaimed “real driving simulator”, Gran Turismo 5.  This isn’t the first time I’ve turned a critical eye on GT5.  Last December, almost a month after launch, I contrasted what I perceived as being the good and bad about it, asking whether it was sublime or ridiculous.

Since then two of the five fixes I wanted have been made during the many updates the game has received.  Those updates have brought many other changes such as adding Seasonal Events and improving the AI. There are always more improvements that could be made though.  With three of my earlier ones still outstanding I am still going to add a couple more to kick off this week’s Tweak It discussion:

  • An option to display corner names for real-world tracks all the time, not just when you are playing certain Special Events.
  • An option to run the rendering engine, during races, in 720p mode, using the extra resources made available to improve shadow and alpha resolution and reduce the horrific screen-tear.  Then scale it and slap the 1080p H.U.D. back on it.  I think that would result in a better looking game and improve the experience.

In the eight months since the game’s release many of you should have been able to spend a good deal of quality time with it.  How would you tweak Gran Turismo 5?



  1. “How would you tweak Gran Turismo 5?”
    Guns, missiles, breasts :)

    • Seconded.

    • Female drivers?

    • Make it enjoyable to play instead of the soulless experience.

      • At times, it’s like self-flagellation for sadists. You’re not enjoying it but you put yourself through it anyway because you think you deserve it after all this time.

        Or is that just me?

      • It started to become a chore for me, grinding and grinding for that 1 car.

  2. “Horrific screen tear” – I see people mentioning this every so often, but I can only assume it affects some TVs more than others. I rarely get it, and when I do, it’s barely noticeable. Several people have seen me playing the game, and not one has ever mentioned it.

    • Oh, and other than that, I’d put in mid-race saves for the longer endurance events. For anything over 4 hours, it should be a requirement. They’ve said it’s coming, but we’re still waiting.

    • I’m with you on this one. I run at 1080p on a (quaint) 24″ screen and I rarely see screen tearing. I have seen it but not as much as I do on other games (notably fps’).

  3. Use all cars online and not just ones you added to your favourites. Also make it easier to find a specific room (not having to use the ten million digit long code for them.

    • You can choose any car from your garage online. But only favourites in arcade. And that should be fixed.

    • That’s already been fixed, you can now view your whole garage online.

  4. Rally stages with a dualshock. Honestly, you’d be better off using a steering wheel for those sections, as I found it damn near impossible to get even close to the bronze time with a regular controller.

    • A steering wheel (G25) shaved many seconds off some of my lap times compared to the dualshock; once I got used to it of course! I’ve been playing the franchise since gt1 on the pad so I was good with it.

  5. More events, im only level 17/18 but it’s boring having to grind the same event to unlock some more events that are one time affairs. Oh and also the ability to have all your cars in online, and not just your favourites. I just fav. every car in my garage, which kind of defeats the point of favourite-ing cars, just so i can choose them all online

  6. More actual events (proper races not seasonal and special events), including a dedicated rally section like in gt3.

    More premium cars & more cars
    E.g bugatti Vernon is a must for premium but its not…
    And cars such as vauxhalls, ascari’s etc

    Ability to customize body paint to put custom patterns etc to make your car more unique online

  7. Sorry to sound like a broken record but “all premium cars” would be nice start.
    The audio difference between in car and chase is also pretty terrible especially after applying a titanium exhaust upgrade.
    Also the upgrade area looks terrible and is pretty slow and in continuation of that the service area for adding front/rear wing and body parts is minimal with options.
    The lack of ability to add decals to any car unless it gets race spec which a lot of cars cannot.

    I havent played GT5 in a few weeks and don’t think I will go back to it, Forza 3 is freakin awesome and Forza 4 is just around the corner.

  8. One simple change. Don’t let Kaz ever, ever, EVER dictate how a game should be made again. Everything else would fall into place after that.

    Either that or Turrican-808’s comment. Boobies cure all ills (except death by boobies).

    • Death-by-boobies, huh? Well, smothering suddenly got a whole lot cooler!

    • I’ve thought that in the past. He could head the development team but there should be like a development director or something who Kaz will listen to.

      I’ve occasionally thought that if the front end, menus and general streamlining was made by EA, the game would be infinitely better. Though then we’d have 3 every 18 months.

      Yeah. Add tits. Better.
      Sorry, the thought of tits made my vocabulary go a bit base there.

    • Do you mean death by boobies like in Monty Python? In my opinion, that would be a good way to go. Topped only by a skull crushing by the thighs of the German Womens Pursuit Ice Skating team, ahhh.

  9. Tweaks:-

    1. In possible dlc have a reasonably priced car and add a seasonal event with a standing start on the top gear track.

    2. Implement somethin like autolog so we can compare track times with friends etc

    3. When finishing a seasonal event don’t drop back to main menu.

    4. Improve track creator

    5. Remove cheater times from time trial leaderboard

    6. If you don’t have car for event have option to take you to model in dealership or flag it when available in used cars etc when it appears.

    7. Have option to send invite to friend to join your game online.

    All games can be tweaked and if I had more time I could list more. That said this game is an awesome simulator. Shame I have to use to record cars I own also surely this could be added to there current web page.


    • ‘If you don’t have car for event have option to take you to model in dealership or flag it when available in used cars etc when it appears.’

      Probably the main reason why I got rid of it. Couldn’t be bothered with the backwards and forwards etc through menus.

  10. Certainly the option to save multiple times in the longer races. A password lock in the online lobbies is surely a must?

    • The multiple saves feature should have been included from Day 1, I hope we see it soon.

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