Tweak It: Wii Controllers

Two weeks ago I asked you to look at 360’s controller and suggest your tweaks. Replacing the Xbox 360 controller with something identical to the DualShock 3 is not a tweak. Tweaks are by definition small adjustments and throwing away the controller and starting again is a somewhat more significant adjustment.

The tactile feel of something that you hold for what may be hour after hour is critically important and that is especially true of the buttons. In many games the tactile feedback from the button itself will tell you that your command has been registered long before the result is visible on screen. This was something you were certainly keen to comment on with the 360 controller, with two of you saying parts of the controller just didn’t give you enough feedback.

  • Improve the bumper buttons, they lack any sort of tactility. ~ bunimomike
  • Soften the “bumpy” profile of the ABXY buttons. ~ A2J7C

This generation’s third and by a large margin its biggest selling console is Nintendo’s Wii. Years before the advent of Kinect and Move the Wii offered gamers many more options for an official controller to suit different games.

Not only did it offer the Wii Remote that could be combined with the Nunchuck but there was also the Classic Controller for the tradition twin-stick DualShock 3-like layout. For those of us upgrading from the GameCube we can also connect that console’s controllers that share the 360’s ‘offset’ analogue stick layout.

As if that was not enough Nintendo have subsequently produced a revised version of the Classic Controller in the Classic Controller Pro that rearranges the shoulder buttons into familiar vertical pairings and added two ‘prongs’ for you to wrap your palms around.

With so many controller choices available, so that we can get a good collection of tweaks this week you are invited to comment on all four of the official Wii controllers excluding the GameCube’s.

So how would you tweak them?



  1. I’d like the wii controllers to feel more tactile and expensive in your hand, brushed aluminium with rubber pads on the sides?

  2. Haven’t got my hands on a classic controller yet. However, with the Wii remote I think it could do with some slight adjustments. First of all the speaker on it is completely irrelevant and shouldn’t be on them. It also felt a little heavy for it’s size.

    • Heavy?!? what am I on? I meant light, they were far too light and not substantial in your hand

    • have you played no more heroes for wii?
      that makes great use of the wiimote speaker.

      when Travis gets a phone call the caller’s voice comes from the wiimote speaker, so you put it to your ear like a phone.

      it doesn’t add much to the gameplay, but it’s a neat little feature.

      • Also like one of the mini-games in Raving Rabbids 2′. :)

      • really? Well thats very cool. in every game I played it was used for nothing. maybe a little swoosh of the sword on Red Steel but nothing significant like the one you mentioned.

  3. With the wiimote they should swap out the sensor bar for a vga camera, and stick a glowing ball on the end that the camera tracks… I reckon that’d really improve the accuracy and fun factor considerably…

    • Hahaha so true!

      • Probably wouldn’t get used much though and it would still be a bit gimicky and lack decent games.

      • I’d say it would be used about the same, but probably traded in less… But i digress. The wii did both amazingly good things and equally awful things to the gaming industry, as much as changes or refinements could be made, they obviously weren’t needed judging by its success. I just wished they scrapped the idea of the wii u and just did an hd wii with hd remakes of all the good 1st party games. I liked zelda and mario on wii, but it just looked so bad on anything bigger than 24″ tv

  4. As said before, they feel really cheap and plasticy. If they felt a bit more substantial, that would be better. And also make the nunchuks wireless.

    • I second the wireless nunchuks

  5. If they made them weightier, and removed the anchoring nunchuk cable too then i would expect the number of hd tv’s being replaced would increase, good for sony, not so good for nintendo :) maybe they could adapt a new controller to complement the wiimote.. Maybe make like a touchscreen device that could be used as a 2nd screen and control method, you know, like the ds :)

  6. I’d prefer the main controller to me a bit more grippy. The quality of it feels fine to me, but it’s just so slippery, and I don’t want to have to put it into a massive rubber jacket all the time. Perhaps by adding ridges, or making it textured, or adding rubber strips to it or something?

  7. The range from sensor bar to controller isn’t enough. Love the Classic Controller Pro, though.

    • Yeah, I agree, I know it’s not a controller, but the sensor bar range and the angle you can use the wiimote from, could do with improvement.

  8. The edges should be more rounded, the vibration should be stronger and it should be waterproof.

  9. The actual Wii remote is basically perfect (though I suppose the + and – buttons could be a little bigger). Light weight so even the kiddlypeeps can weild it with ease and the buttons are sensibly laid out.
    Strangely, its the classic controllers that I don’t really get on with for some reason, they just don’t feel comfortable so I usually opt for my trusty ‘bought in 2004’ gamecube controller. You can say what you like about Nintendo, their hardware is top quality.

  10. In my opinion, if you don’t have Wii Motion Plus, there’s no point of owning the Wii. The original remote is very dodgy and would randomly flip out. With the WiiMotion+ expansion, it worked much better. You can se the difference of remotes best on Wii Sports Resort. If you don’t have WM+ for WSR, it’;s an awful game.

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